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    How to fill the gap between the tiles and the quartz worktop

    Hi I had a laminate worktop replaced with a Quartz. The quartz is 30mm thick, the laminate was 50mm I think How can I fill In the gap , and have it watertight ?
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    Connect 15mm pipe to a Bottom Entry Toilet Cistern valve

    I bought the following and I want to connect this to a 15mm copper pipe What connector do I need to join the 2 up ?
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    decorative tiles thinner than main tiles

    I tiled my bath/shower yesterday When tileing, I noticed that the decorative tiles (probably 40 mm square) are thinner than the main tiles. The main tiles are 600mm*300mm) The big tiles are maybe 7mm thick, and the decorative tiles are probably 5mm thick (rough estimate) So the...
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    Coving problem

    Hi In my flat which was built in 1986, there was one bedroom which was big I employed a guy to make it into two rooms.....partition wall was added. The result is that 2 bedrooms now have coving on 3 sides only !! I wonder what options do I have, do I need to remove all the coving...
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    What undercoat. what white paint for new pine door

    I installed a new door for my bedroom Its from B&Q, I think its pine,but I dont know much about wood Its got a light stain, brown colour The door needed cutting a bit, to make it narrower, which is why i got a pine door, which lent itself well to being cut Now I want to paint it...
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    Earth Leakage Trip Switch tripping

    Apartment is 8 years old Up until 2 days ago, no problem with electrics. I have a problem now. When I turn on the water, it turns on a pump, to pressurize the water. This causes the "Earth Leakage Trip Switch" to trip. The pump does not turn off, and stays on until the tap is...
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    Electronic device on cold water pipe, what is its function ?

    this device is on a cold water pipe in my airing cupboard, I dont know what it does/ its been turned on for the past 8 years since i moved in to my apartment the cold water pipe in question feeds a little tank (expansion talk of unvented system, and also it feeds the electric shower. i...
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    50mm to 50mm coupling

    A few years ago, my sink and shower was blocked I tried various things, but I had to call a plumber The plumber had to cut the 50mm pipe, cleared out what was blocking it, and attached a 50mm to 50mm compression coupling. Six years later, the pipe was blocked again. I removed the...
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    drilling a hole in wall

    Yesterday I was drilling a couple of 5mm diameter drill holes for a curtain rail I had an hammer drill (electric) I first tried with the hammer action off, and it made a perfect 5mm hole, but not quite long enough for the raul plug I noticed that underneath the paster is a very hard...
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    Are recirculator extractor fans a waste of time

    I took out an old kitchen and am in the process of putting in a new one the old kitchen had a recirculator extractor fan, it was not connected to ducting I was thinking about not installing a recirculator extractor fan in the new kitchen because I think they are a complete waste of time...
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    filling drill holes in concrete wall

    I've got drill holes in interior concrete walls (8mm say) and I want to fill them, but what will I fill them with ? I want to fill them so that I can drill in the same area again in the future should I need to. (Maybe not in the exact same hole, could be 1 or 2 mm to the left or the right)...