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    Glowworm condensing boiler - condense trap leak

    Hi, I have noticed the blue plastic cap at the bottom of the condense trap has started to split and is therefore slowly leaking water (see picture). It is a glowworm 330 condensing boiler. Why is it doing this? Do i just need to obtain a new cap or is the problem likely to be something else...
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    siting of shelf in oven tower

    I have 2 appliances, a single oven and a microwave combo oven that i am putting in a tower unit. My question is should i put the shelf in so that there is the maximum gap between the two of them or put the shelf just above the single oven so that there is hardly any gap? cheers
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    wiring cooker connection unit

    On a standard 45amp cooker connection unit each terminal (eg, the In neutral) has 2 screws, does the connection need to be made under both screws? cheers
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    basket strainer waste

    Quick question guys, i have got a new basket strainer waste but when i put the screw in the centre it sits well proud of the flange. Do i need to force it thru the grey plastic waste it sits flush on at the moment (doesn't seem to want to go), or cut the screw to length? Stupid i know...
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    plastic pipe going from waste to boiler?

    Please could someone tell me what the plastic pipe going from the waste (in utility room next to washing machine) to the boiler is for as i don't understand its purpose and want to move the waste when i re-do the kitchen?
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    Moving the oven

    Advice please if poss, we want to move the position of the electric oven when we get a new kitchen to the opposing wall. It will mean the new oven is just slightly over 2m away from the current switch. I've read it must be within 2m, how strict is this?
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    Getting rid of gas hob

    Can anyone give me a steer, our gas hob is getting replaced by an electric one shortly. What i'd like to know is what will the gas man have to do to make safe etc and how much approx should he be charging me to do it? Much obliged