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    Stair threshhold

    Hi I need to add a stair threshhold to bridge the height difference of the floor and stairs. The floor is engineered and I bought a thresh when I bought the floor but wasn't sure what to get so took a punt. So can I / should I use the purchased threshold strip of get something more suitable...
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    Immersion heater tripping water in plastic thermostat cap

    Hi Immersion is tripping and I found water , looked like condensation in cap. I can't see any obvious leaking but there is oxidisation. The top connection looks a bit ropey! Is more than likely trickling down from that top connection? Thanks
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    Noisy bearings on Oil Burner

    Hi I have a noisy boiler on my Greenstar Utility 18/25 boiler. I took the motor off the back and replaced the bearing (6202zz- Thank you burnerman john ) on the fan as there was a little movement on it I also had to replace the drive cog pipe that connects fan to pump as this had snapped. It is...
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    Filling out plaster around window

    Hi. Got a small area to plaster around a window and was wondering if it was best to fill this gap so it blended better or just follow the contour of the board? I'm thinking fill the gap as it will look better?
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    Velux window beading

    Hi, Velux window boarded and dodgy gaps filled with board adhesive. The ceiling is lath and plaster and bit bumpy so I have added some plaster board to level the walls out with a view to filling the gap. The problem is that when I offer up the corner beading the front and sides line up but the...
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    Vicrorian wall corner repair

    The wife has booked a painter to come at weekend but there is a bit of a mess in the corner of the room that needs fixing and I can't get anyone to help before weekend. So the plan is to remove the old wood corner bead at the top. Chuck some bonding coat on and then fasten the corner bead on...
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    Velux window plaster board support

    Hi Putting a velux in and have made a frame around the existing ceiling to roof so I can attach board to it. On one side there is a huge void behind the board so I have mocked up using an old plasterboard to get some idea of what to do. Would you put timber packers behind or screw up some...
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    Covering expansion gap skirting (1)

    Hi I had a quick search and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. Fitted engineering wood floor (4mm) veneer. I have an expansion gap normally around 10mm but at most 20 in places before I got my eye in! I was hoping to avoid scotia and my skirting is a few mm shy. So do I just buy...
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    Underfloor heating tripping RCCB when calling for heat.

    Hi I have a wunda underfloor heating wiring centre that calls for heat and fires the boiler from a switched live that connects to a zone valve. When the call for heat is made the RCCB trips. I have disconnected the pump and tested and it's still tripping so maybe it's a faulty zone valve or...
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    Halogen light with LED lamps

    Hi, We have decided that we quite like these lights When I read the bumf it says to use halogen G4 lamps, this is putting us off slightly as why would we be using / why are they selling halogen when LED's are becoming the norm!? I have...
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    extending lighting cable - limited room

    Hi I made some mis-calculations when running my lighting cable and need to extend the cable by about 1 metre. I have some decent connectors (wago etc) but I have no room to place a wago junction box becasue the cable runs under a steel beam with little room. I can get the cable connected but no...
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    Worcester greenstar utility 18/25 oil constantly locking out.

    worcester greenstar utility 18/25 oil constantly locking out before it runs. I am having problems with the oil burning boiler again. It is locking out all the time and has been for few weeks. The boiler will sometimes fire and run but more often than not it won't fire at all - tries for a few...
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    Pipe route for durgo valve

    Hi I need to box in the pipe work for a Durgo valve in the bathroom. The pipe needs to extend our a bit to clear the insulation board wall. Would I just use 2 x bends with some pipe between them. Any idea what degree bends I need? Thanks
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    under worktop socket afterthought.

    Hi, I am soon to get the utility room (part of new extension) plastered and put some units up and the Mrs has changed the plan for the washer/ dryer. Instead of going into a unit stacked on top of each other she wants them under the worktop in the utility. I did not plan for this and have no...
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    Washers for Condensate trap Greenstar Utility

    Hi Boiler is Greenstar Utility 18/15 oil burner. I hope someone can shed some light onto my leak on the condensate trap. There was a drip coming from the trap and pulled the washers out to inspect and have now lost them. I can't even remember if it was an o ring or rubber washer. I visited two...
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    Framing wall for pipes or unit in bathroom

    Hi I am about to tile the floor of my small bathroom,a mate is helping me out. Before I do this I need to get some plasterboard on the walls so as not to get mess on the floor tiles. I thought of putting a unit in to cover the pipes for sink and maybe toilet but haven't got my finger out to...
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    CH pipes and water pipe run.

    Hi I am linking up CH pipes for UF heating and running hot and cold water into extension. I have them all heading to the same corner and don't want them too close. The water pipes are below CH pipes and need to run above them to get to bathroom. The only thing I can think off is to aim the CH...
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    Lights looped in switch

    Hi I am just wanting to confirm if I loop lighting circuits through the switches I will have three wires at the switch. Main in, main out and switch wire. I need to run one main light cable and a switch cable to each light fitting? Thanks
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    Bathroom extractor ducting run

    Hi I have purchased an inline extractor fan as I was advised that these are good It will be going in a small bathroom. I will position it in the middle of the bathroom as to get above the shower there is a noggin...
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    Fused spur new build 350mm?

    Hi I need a switched fused spur to supply underfloor heating wiring. I take it I can put this nearer than 350mm to a wall corner seeing as it's not a socket and won't need touching regularly ? I wanted to include it in the ring final also would this be ok it's the wiring for thermostats and...