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    Gas Regulations

    I would be grateful if someone can clarify Gas Safety (installation and use) regulations 1998 Regulation 19 paragraph 4 I would like to know how far through the cavity's the sleeve should go. My house has An exterior brick wall Cavity Sterling board / weatherproof membrane...
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    Incorrectly installed gas supply pipe?

    There is a very cold draught coming from the access hole for the suppy pipe to our gas fire. We noticed it last year, but this year I've decided to do something about it. I am unsure if it is coming from the sleeve or the cavity though. The supply pipe is sealed where it enters the outside...
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    Missing window trim

    Two of my windows seem to be missing an upper interior trim between the sash and the vent. See the attached photos - 1 complete and 1 missing. (Images seem to have rotated 90 degrees) What can I put here to eliminate the draught without causing problems? I'm not sure if the draught is...
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    help replacing side hunge hinge

    This is the hinge I have bought The bit that attaches to the frame fits snug into the side of the frame and all the holes line up ok. I have attached the sash to the other...