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    Pull out platform

    I store my trolley-toolbox just inside the side door of my van. As it can be heavy (say, up to 40kg) it can be awkward to lift both out-and-down and up-and-in. So my idea is to have a piece of ply as a small platform that the toolbox sits on and which then pulls out on runners. I need some...
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    Laminate Floor Expansion Joint size

    I've been asked to help lay a tile-effect laminate floor in a kitchen, covering previous vinyl tiles which are well stuck down. The kitchen is about 4 x 2.5 metres with the units along one long wall and down the sides of the short walls about 1.4 metres. All instructions talk about a 10mm...
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    Any Handyman Start-up opinions please?

    Hello. I'm giving serious consideration to setting up in business as a Handyman. I know my capabilities (which cover quite a broad spectrum of tasks), have a good selection of tools and have read what other Handymen are offering in terms of scope and prices. I understand the need for...
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    What's going on here?

    I was just reading this article about a collapsed wall... ... and I thought the construction looked a bit strange. Is it just a double brick wall with a cavity? I assume the chimney stacks spanned the walls. And what's that...
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    When was my "last visit"?

    I tend to stay logged in all the time and regularly visit the site, mostly during the day. When I go to the site in the morning and select "view posts since your last visit" there are usually about 150-200 posts. As I dip in and out this total adjusts itself. However, at some point, my "last...
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    Replacing a Fluorescent Fitting with an HF one

    (I'm peering around the edge of the wall as I write this in case you shoot me! :wink: :wink: ) My single garage is lit by two twin-five-foot fluorescent fittings which I got and fitted many (20?) years ago as they were being thrown out at work. They are wired in parallel on a two-way...
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    Hotpoint 9524 Drum Bearing replacement

    We have a Hotpoint Electronic 800 De Luxe 9524 washing machine. Although it is now just over 20 years old and averages 3 or 4 loads per week, it has never let us down and has only needed 2 sets of motor brushes (which I did myself). The drum bearings have now worn out and it makes quite a loud...
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    Removing a couple of bricks

    I'm about to get quotes for replacing a floor-standing CH boiler in the kitchen with a wall mounted one in the garage. (Sounds like a plumbing question coming up - but it's not!) Currently the 4 water pipes (two 22mm and two 28mm) from the boiler go up the surface of the kitchen wall into the...
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    Plug in shower

    'nuff said!! (excuse "plug" rather than "socket") :shock:
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    Condensate Drain

    Regulations change and topics on this subject are generally a few years old, so ... I'm thinking of having my floor standing boiler in the kitchen replaced with a wall mounted condensing one (open vented system) in the garage (probably Vaillant 418 or Worcester Bosch 12ri/15ri). Gas, electric...
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    Help please identifying conservatory gutter brackets

    Hello. I had several of these gutter brackets break in the recent snow but I'm having great difficulty in sourcing replacements. They are from a conservatory but I'm afraid I don't know the make. The small tongue shown in the green circle has broken off in the red circle. The only identifying...
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    CH Boiler in Garage?

    I'm considering options for moving my 22 year old (just serviced and still in great nick) Potterton gas floor standing boiler out of the kitchen. A big reason is so that I don't need to have so many vents which, depending on wind direction, can make the room and neighbouring rooms, cold and...
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    Water Pressure theory question

    Scenario: 15mm rising main into loft. Just before feeding the CWT a 22mm tees off to feed the bathroom. Obviously the pressure in the 22mm will be lower than the 15mm but flow rate should be the same. If at the bath tap end of the 22mm I tee off a 15mm pipe to feed an electric shower, will the...
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    Bath Mixer Tap with Shower - different pressures

    Just fitted a bath mixer tap with shower attachment. It is a Bristan tap and says it's suitable for all pressures. However, I have mains cold and low pressure hot. This works fine for the tap but when diverted to shower the cold water overpowers the hot and starts to force it back down the...