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    Connecting to an adjacent felt roof

    Hi all, I intend to connect to an adjacent flat roof using EPDM, using all recommended materials IE. Termination bars ect. Where exactly is best to cut back to? The roof felt to be taken off is on the left hand side in the pictures. Thanks, Richard
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    EDPM rubber roofing

    Hi All, Ive been on and passed the Permaroof seminar/training course so, i am approved. Ive just got a quote through my training company today and find the water based bonding adhesive very pricy £66 for 10 litres and the membrane itself - 6.7 x 5.6 £260. Is there anywhere that can provide a...
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    Central heating problem (Open vented)

    Hi all, Ive extended some central heating pipes into a conservatory. I capped off the new pipes filled up bled all radiators in the house everything fine. The new radiator arrived today, I noticed when I took one cap end off a pipe I assume the return they was no water just a slight suck of air...
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    Three Phase question

    Please take a look at the literature for Zip hot water heaters by the link below. (opens as a PDF) I would like to get a DBX18, My question is by the looks of it I can not install it as like you would say a 7kw shower as its a three phase unit. what would i need to do exactly? Thanks, Richard...
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    Vented combination cylinders

    Hi im looking for as small as possible combi cylinder, It will need ho have an immersion heater as there is no central heating to deal with. It will be feeding HW to a bath, wash hand basin and kitchen sink. any help would be much appreciated thanks, Richard
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    Extractor fan advice please

    I have a feeling L2 comes into play,I have wired up my fan as in Dig 1. But would like to wire it up to Dig 4, which cable from the rose L1 or common? Or do I use L2 and put it in terminal 2...
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    Earth bonding to pipe work

    Where should earth bonding be applied? If it was a lenth of copper with a plastic fitting in between, would this provide resistance? or should eather side of the copper be bonded togeather? Also what about say a hot water tap from an emmersion it comes off the cylinder in copper then to a...
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    Electrical UK - Question

    I can’t seem to sign in to the Electrical UK area with my details so going to post here please re-posted in the Electrical area. Right I'm no sparky but just got an invoice through the post for work carried out on my rental chalet in mablethorpe, The invoice reads as follows:-...
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    City Electrical Factors

    Can anyone remember what that tool is called thats advertised on the TV in ECF shops called? Its the one that cuts round doors, cuts car bodys and can be also used for modeling. Thanks, Richard
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    wing nut fixings into wood

    Hi, I have some 19mm external ply and I would like to fix in to the sawn 19mm part of the ply. so basically I would like the threaded rod bit to be sticking out of the edge for me to be able to put wing nut and washer on to. what would I need to do this job? Thanks Richard
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    LPG Gas bottles GAS safe regs

    Right, Im part way through looking into installing a combi boiler in to my chalet, I have been advised on many areas but one I have not yet got a reply on is the sufficient backing for the bottles! They will be in a purpose made cage, As follows...
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    Recomend a combi please

    Hi Im after a combi boiler for a chalet/flat its got to be LPG and also have slot-on cordless room stat (saves on wiring digs) apparently Valliant do one?? Advice please.. Thanks, Richard
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    B&Q Toilet to go

    Does B&Q still do the same "toilet to go" with identical inlet and siphon as this one? Please ignore the circle
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    Pub sterio system - Dimmer swiches

    Hi there, Im currently setting up a stereo system for a local pub, Because the PA/amp is wanted to be so high up i decided to put the speakers on to dimmer switchers lower down, But there’s barely any sound coming out when the dimmer is on full! Amp is on half with left in the 8ohm screw-in...
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    LPG Boiler in wooden box / shed

    Is it true, you are allowed to install a LPG boiler in to a Shed/Box provided that there is sufficient fire proof backing? Thanks, Richard
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    Window putty and Paint stripping

    Hi, Can anyone recommend the best way to get old window putty out of windows? I am currently heating it up with a heat gun a bit at a time then carefully chiselling it out with a flat screw driver. As for the paint yes again I am heating it up with the heat gun then scraping it off with a...
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    Unvented water heater

    Can anyone recomend a good unvented (under sink) water heater to feed 1 kichen sink tap, 1 bathroom sink tap and bath. I caln't see the pipe run being any longer than 4 meter. Thanks, Richard
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    Kids toilets, Urinals

    Hi all, is there any water regs on kids urinals? and if so what is the Maximum hight? both water regs number and hight would be apriciated, as the landlord of my local has the problems in the kids room toilets of young kids not been able to reech the urinal, There 4 there urine going all over...
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    UPVC fitting

    Is it true you now have to have a certificate to fit UPVC windows and doors? I heard that you have to do a day course alternatively call out the building inspector to inspect afterwards!! is it true? Thanks Rich
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    Soldering question

    Im about to undertake my first plumbing job, and going to use crome pipe. When soldering do you have to clean the crome off down to the copper or is it ok just to clean the crome if you know what i mean? Also Im going to install a shower tray (no legs) go the floor but the floor is wood...