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    laying a lage area of slabs and block paving.

    Ok so i have a job coming up that has large areas of slabs and block paving. I typically lay block paving on whacked down sand in the normal way and i normally lay slabs on a full bed of damp sand and cement mix (on a 100mm hardcore base for both obviously). Now i know many lay slabs on...
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    Kitchen unit fixings.

    The wife bought a kitchen unit and she wants it hanging on a interior wall that is just 2 bits of plaster board oposite each other and NO WAY will it hold the unit empty let alone with all the crap she intends to put in it. SO, i was wondering if any of you had advise about how to hang it...
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    fixing trellis to the top of a existing fence

    I have roughly 43 meters of featheredge fencing, the 5 x 3 posts are cut off 3 inches below the top of the feather edge boards (6 inches below in parts) and i want to put 18 inches of trellis on top. Can anybody give me advise on how i should fix the trellis to the top of the fence...
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    questions about my patio project.

    Hi, I am about to start a patio project and i would like some advise on a few points. Here is a simplistic image of the general shape, as you can see the alley between my house and the garage is not parallel (its roughly 5.2 mtrs...