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    Advice on tile sealers please

    Can anyone advise on what to use to put a shine on my shower room floor tiles. They are white non slip ceramic tiles with a slight textured surface. There is no shine on them and they are horrible to keep clean and get grubby very quickly. If possible I would like to paint them with a clear...
  2. J

    ground floor joist how to replace

    We have a joist which needs replacing in a ground floor which has a cavity underneath. How to do this.please
  3. J

    LED bulbs failing

    Hi, I replaced the 50w spotlights in my kitchen with GU10 LED 3.5 w bulbs. At first they were brilliant but they soon seemed to fail with a mark in the centre of the bulb like a scorch mark. I think there is a transformer in the loft for the kitchen spots and I thought it could be something to...
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    Dishwasher misbehaving

    Hello, I have had my dishwasher for 16 years and it has been brilliant. It is a DIPLOMAT semi integrated. About a year or so ago it suddenly stopped working and because of it's age I decided to order a new one. As we removed it to make way for the new one I switched it on and lo and behold it...
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    Preparing for Sandtex

    Hi, I have pebbledash exterior walls and I've been advised to seal them with PVA before sandtexing them. Does this have to be a waterproof PVA or can a general one like No nonsense from screwfix be used. This seems to have an excellent review but I'm not sure if it is waterproof and suitable...
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    ideal mini 30kw boiler

    I have just had a quote to fit an ideal mini 30 boiler and the reviews I have read are not very encouraging. There is only a 2 year guarantee with it which doesn't seem very long for a new boiler. I'd appreciate any advice on this.
  7. J

    Soil Pipe fall

    I'm having a toilet installed in an upstairs bathroom. There is a run of approx. 15 ft. to the outside wall. The depth of the joists is 7". Would this allow enough fall for the soil pipe? Once outside there is no problem. I have been considering a Saniflow but having read so many negative...
  8. J

    Fire front for Baxi back boiler

    Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to get a modern fire front to replace the hideous old fashioned fire from 20+ years ago. If not is there a way to just remove the fire as it seems to work independently? I've just had the boiler serviced and the gas engineer said the baxi is in good order...
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    Painting pebbledash walls.

    Hi I'd like advice on the best way to paint exterior walls which are pebbledashed . Is a good quality masonry paint ok to use with a roller? and what is the preparation required. Any advice appreciated thanks.
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    Hi, Can someone tell me approximately how much solid wood is around the handle area of these doors. I want to fit some seperate privacy locks (engaged/vacant type) to my bathrooms and I'm not sure without probing with a bradawl, how far up the door the wood goes. Thanks Blod
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    We have a 4ft high garden retaining wall which when built was lined with polythene membrane. The bottom half we have painted cream but every year it has to be repainted because of discolouration with green damp. Is there anything we can use to avoid having to paint every year, like some sort of...
  12. J

    Boiler going out

    This is a Baxi back boiler. It fires up for a few minutes then goes out in both settings ie. heating and water. Any ideas what the problem may be?it was serviced 5 months ago.
  13. J

    Smells from sink and shower.

    Hi, Our house was built in 2000 in a plot between properties built about 40 years ago. There was no other drainage just waste and we had to have permission for all drainage to discharge into the sewerage pipes like all other properties. The fall is excellent as we are on sloping ground and...
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    Help needed with timer please

    Need a new timer to replace switchmaster 400 which is pretty old fashioned. What is a compatible programmable replacement and would a Honeywell CM61 be suitable.
  15. J

    Changing programmable timer???

    Hi, I posted yesterday and had a reply from "45yearsagasman". I now have more info. The old timer is a Switchmaster 400 which is discontinued. The one I want to replace it with is a Honeywell CM61. Is this compatible? If not is there one recommended with more options than twice a day...
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    Hi folks, Can someone tell me if I can replace an older style central heating timer, (which only allows water and /or heating to come on and off just twice a day) with a Honeywell Chronotherm CM61. The heating system is a Baxi I think, with a gas fire in front and a storage water tank...
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    Light permanenly ON

    I thought I'd change a light fitting in my Mum's ( the old one belonged to Noah ). I have done this a few times in my own house and have had no problem but this time I seem to have got the wires mixed up and the light is on permanently and wont switch off at the wall. Some of the wires were...
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    Paint on door hinges

    Is there a product available to remove old gloss paint from brass door hinges ? They are not painted all over, just where some sloppy painter has not been bothered to wipe off when painting the doors. Any advice much appreciated.
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    Cork expansion strip

    We have just laid oak wood flooring from B&Q and although there was no mention in the instructions of putting cork strips in the expansion gap I watched a video from Wickes and it advised the use of cork strips. Is this neccessary or just another avoidable expense. :roll: The flooring is...
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    Threshold bars

    Hi, I have bought 18mm solid oak flooring and can't seem to find reducer threshold bars for wood to carpet in 18mm. I can get 15mm no problem so would it matter if the bars were 15mm or does the depth have to be the same as the wood? I presume these are fixed by glueing. If not...