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    Silicone shower corners - can I do this?

    Hi again, Finished the tiling and grouting at last now to the silicone. I've got a Fugi profiling tool and some decent silicone. Due to my less than perfect tilling, I've got a gap of 4-6mm in one of the corners. Am I able to silicone flush with the tile? i.e. instead of using the angled...
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    Primer Sealer for bathroom floor?

    Hi. I'm waiting to paint the floor boards of our bathroom in a light off white from Little Greene (oil based). Currently the floor is painted white and I've sanded down for a good key. However, I've been carrying out work in the bathroom and there are lots of stains on the floor from plaster...
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    Can I still grout? Genius tips anyone?

    Hey again, Just about to grout the shower and discovered 3 tiles are chipped on the edges, each is 2-3 mm in width. Is there a way I can seal these to prevent any grout colour bleeding or water ingress. Pretty dissapointed as we wanted it finished yesterday. Thanks again guys, you've been a...
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    Wrong Grout?

    Got some gunmetal Micromax2 for a shower, now I've been reading this is bad to use and not suitable due to scratching the tiles etc. Any opinions, should I be using an epoxy grout instead? thanks all
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    Any idea what's going on here?

    Hi All, I've been installing a new shower and have come to the extractor fan. When I removed the old one, I think some wires disconnected which prevented me from taking photos. - The fan has an on/off switch outside the bathroom - The flat twin cable is live when tested with an electrical...
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    Poor adhesive coverage on tile?

    Hi guys, Finally got to start my tilling which didn't go too well! Using 7mm thick 200x100 subway, BAL SPF onto Elements backer board with a 8mm trowel. Laid a couple of rows in the shower and checked the odd tile for coverage. I'd guess I'm getting around 80% on average, even when giving the...
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    Would You crack on?

    Hi All I’m just about to secure my shower tray (Mira Flight 900/1400) down onto a ply subfloor but have a single high spot of 3mm at one corner (Measured with level and shims). I wanted to avoid having to bed on a weak mix as the tray is v tight to the 3 walls and I’ll likely F%#@£ that up...
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    Regjoining flat twin cable......

    Hi all. I've just replaced some joists which required me to cut a cable for the light circuit. (I did it safely...) Now I need to rejoin the cable, but there are 2 browns and a 'naked' wire (assuming earth). So, how do I know which brown goes to which and are the SpliceLine connnectors I have...
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    Quick question- Support length for joist in wall

    Hi all. Just spliced a couple of bad joists with steel splice kits. How far do I need to put them in the wall? Will 60mm do? It will be the steel that sits in the pocket. thanks all
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    Restricting flow? Possible to replace copper with plastic

    The cold water feed to my new shower comes off a very awkward junction. A t followed by a 90 degree and tight bend. I’ve no idea whether this will effect shower performance due to restriction of water flow?? if so, I’d like to reconfigure with some speedfit connections to enable a more...
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    Joist end repair. Big hole- Use hanger instead?

    Hi all. Hope you can be of help again. I’m in the process of replacing 2 joist ends in my bathroom. I’m using steel L plates from Property Repairs. It’s an old Victorian terrace and the bathroom is on the rear aspect where the outer is rendered. There was some historical wood worm which had...
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    Missing footings? - historic drain leak - advice pse!

    I had a waste drain repaired (in the pic), god knows how long it had been leaking. The building lot who fixed the thing decided it wasn't important to tell me that the footings near the drain (2 bricks) had fallen away, no doubt due to the waste leak. I consulted a friend in the trade who...
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    John Lewis carpet and fitting

    Hi again, I was advised earlier at John Lewis that I should use their Crumb Rubber underlay at £7m2 and fitting at £4m2. Is that steep? Sorry guys, but i don't have a clue Cheers, Hellboy
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    New Build Flat - Engineered Floor Underlay

    Hey Gents and Ladies, I'm soon to be laying engineered flooring in my 2nd floor new build flat (finished construction Jan 11). The existing floor is 300mm concrete covered with 22mm acoustic chipboard. Just a couple of questions please! 1. Am a right in understanding that I do not require...
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    I'VE GIVE UP!!

    Well after purchasing every size, pile and brand of roller possible....I've give up! I'm attempting what I foolishly thought would have been a pretty straight forward job. Paint my living room white and the ceiling which already has a coat, white. First coat (intended undercoat) went ok, I...
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    Novice needs Help!!!! White paint turning Grey?!!

    Afternoon all, Well my first attempts at painting seemed to get off to a good start until.... When I apply the white paint (dulux brilliant white) to the wall with a roller, there seems to be a grey tinge and grey residue at the edge of the roller stroke? I've changed the rollers...
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    Hello all and can you help??!!

    Hi all, new to this decorating lark (shameful considering my age!) Anyway, recently moved into a new build flat. The interior walls are painted with an off white which has a yellow hue. I want to paint the lot with Farrow and Balls All white. So, do I need to use an undercoat, such as...