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    External drain chamber - manhole cover

    Hi all, I had an original cast-iron manhole cover over my foul drain chamber, in my garage. This cover broke (cast iron is brittle...) and I want to replace it. The original cast-iron frame seems to be in reasonable condition, and well fixed into the rebate round the top of the chamber, so I'd...
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    Caught between a rock and an asbestos place?

    Hi all, I have a crazy situation in a 1960s above-garage extension in a house I've recently bought. It seems that the lighting circuit was wired without an earth (not uncommon back then I understand), but at the same time the lighting fitments are metal-framed! Obviously not meeting safety...
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    Insulating a bedroom floor from below?!

    Hi all, I have a 1960s bedroom extension above a very cold garage below, in my 1930s semi. Looks like the people who put the bedroom extension in didn't bother insulating the floor... so it's freezing in winter and no doubt massively leaking heat! The bedroom has stripped and polished...
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    Fireproofing old 96-inch ceiling plasterboards

    Hi, I've just bought a house which has a 1960s bedroom extension above the original 1930s garage. The ceiling panels are standard 9.5mm-thick plasterboard, but there is no fireproofing, which is now required - naturally I want to protect the bedroom above as best as possible. I'm considering...
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    New lead over old + flashband?

    Hi all, hoping some experienced people on here will have some ideas. Just moved into a house. There was old lead flashing on the join between the sloping kitchen roof (slates) and the main building - the lead was looking tired and had some small cracks in it. A previous owner had also applied...
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    Suspicious mortar at edge of house extension

    Hi all, I'm looking into buying a house. I'll do a survey of course, but I find that surveyors' reports are useless in some ways - they won't give clear advice or statements, or do any investigations at all... Just "you need to investigate this further"... The house has an extension above the...