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    upstairs lights not working

    Hi, I seem to have a strange problem with my upstairs light circuit. The only ceiling light of the 5 upstairs lights working is the bathroom.(3 bedrooms,hall and bathroom). There appears to be power getting to each of the wall light switches but other than the bathroom the lights arent coming...
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    Is it ok to let Plasterboard dry out ?

    I had my extension sheeted with plasterboard and plastered. Previous to this the plumber who was fitting a radiator had run the pipes from upstairs down into extension and arranged to come back once it was plastered to finish the job. When he returned and turned on the water,it poured down two...
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    Fitting a dimmer switch thats not on lighting circuit

    I have just had my extension wired up but it turns out the light switch has been wired onto same circuit as lower wall sockets. The light switch plate has a 3 amp fuse incorporated. I quickly spoke to the guy who was a subcontractor but he said he wasnt instructed to fit a dimmer switch and had...
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    Who is responsible for identifying slanted wall ??

    Hi There, I just had a sunroom extension built onto back of my house but it turns out the existing house wall is slightly slanted to right.The extension (Timber frame and brick outer skin) is obviously built dead straight and is finished in brick was supposed to be flush with the existingwall...