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    Hot water cylinder leak - advice please

    Hi, my indirect vented hot water cylinder has just started leaking slowly (4 drops per minute) from the upper coil connection. I think I bashed the pipe and started it :-( The water is coming out between the threaded pipe and the nut on the tank, as shown by arrows in photo: What is...
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    What's best flooring material, upstairs on 400mm joists?

    Hello, I want to lay an upstairs floor in a dry outbuilding. The joist spacing is 400mm. Total area is 52 sq m. There is no floor at present. I'd like to use a sheet material for speed - chipboard or plywood? T&G edges would be nice, if this means I don't have to cut boards to end on...
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    Engineered oak floorboards - how best to lay on joists?

    I'd be very grateful for any advice on my flooring project. I've read lots of threads on several websites but I'm still not sure which approach is best for me. I've bought 1800x120x20mm oak engineered structural floorboards, with 6mm oak top layer, T&G on all four sides, to refloor two...
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    Do I need a DBV?

    I'm adding some extra radiators with TRVs to my central heating. Its a pumped vented two-pipe system. I'll end up with 12 rads, all except one having TRVs. The instructions with the Drayton TRV say "A differential bypass valve must be fitted to ensure that the pump pressure does not exceed...
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    Install radiator pipes top/bottom or both at bottom?

    Firstly apologies for asking a FAQ, but there are contradictory answers in various threads on this forum so I'm a bit confused. I've read several guides to installing radiators and none of them answer this. Is there any benefit to putting one of the radiator pipes at the top of the radiator...
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    wet plastering aerated lightweight blocks?

    I've built an internal wall of aerated concrete blocks. Ta-daa! For my next trick I want to wet plaster it. I've heard the high suction of these blocks can cause plaster to crack. They do seem to absorb a lot of water very quickly. What is the best approach to plastering. Do I need to...
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    Reuse polyfast fittings?

    I'm running new pipes to my borehole water supply using blue polypipe. There are existing 32mm Polyfast elbows which I want to re-use. Can these fittings simply be dismantled and reused with new pipe? Do I need a new sealing ring, or to re-lubricate the ring (if so, what with?) Thanks Phil.
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    How to make 25mm holes in block walls?

    I'm drilling several 25mm holes in concrete block walls for plastic water pipes. Total wall thickness is about 300mm including cavity. I have a 1500W SDS Plus drill. I've never done this before. I bought a 28x300mm diamond core drill bit and used it in hammer mode as instructed by the man...
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    hanging kitchen units on stone wall

    I'm trying to hang some kitchen wall units which have those nifty adjustable hangers which hang on steel brackets screwed to the wall. The trouble is the wall is made of random yorkshire sandstone, covered by less than an inch of plaster. Judging by other walls where the stone is exposed...
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    Actuator for Tower mid-pos valve VAL322MP ?

    I installed a Tower 22mm 3-port mid-position valve (VAL322MP) nine months ago, now its stopped working. With both input wires live, it should drive to CH position and the orange wire (boiler control wire) should go live, but it does nothing. I guess the actuator (motor box) can be replaced...
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    leaking velux

    Hello, I have a damp mouldy plaster patch around one (lower) corner of a velux window on an extension roof which comes off the house wall. Definitely some water coming through around the edge of the velux, but not enough to drip - even in this incessant rain! The roof is only 12 degree pitch...
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    Finding CH draincock

    I've bought a new house and I'm upgrading the open vented CH system. I'm adding a mid-position valve so the existing CH gas boiler can supply the existing indirect hot water cylinder too - the cylinder is currently heated by an AGA cooker which I'm removing. But I can't find a drain cock...