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    South facing roof free solar pv?

    Hi all I have been offered to have solar pv on my roof for what they say is free, this is a sales word as nothing is free. I would like to know the ins and outs on haveing it fitted and leasing my roof for 25 years, is it worth it? Will it be hard to sell with the panels? Whats the catch? Cheers.
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    Mod need to clean up the plumbs

    Can the mods on this site clear the people/person, that keeps posting pap up for us lot to sort through? There maybe someone who really needs help rather than someone having fun on their computer winding people up trying to help. If not I hope all the genuine people helping others boycott the...
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    Transit engine??

    Hi I have a for transit 2.3 dohc petrol engine with LPG conversion does anybody have any idea if piston 1 is low on a compression test and oil in the water would it be the head gasket, cracked liner or bust valve? What can I do to test these? Has anybody got any advice for what could have caused...