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    Garage electrics improvement

    Current setup: House CU contains all re-wirable fuses. No RCD fitted. Approx. 8mtrs of 2.5mm T&E cable from house (kitchen) to detached garage, clipped at the top of a 2.5m high wall built between house and garage. The cable is believed to be from a spur on the kitchen circuit and also without...
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    Boiler Timeswitch Upgrade?

    Hello Can anyone advise me if a boiler timer exists that can do the following? We have a church hall/worship area that uses an ancient but very reliable Thorn M120/150 (44kW) gas boiler in the basement controlled only by a basic RWB-7 Timeswitch hardwired from the hall area. This boiler...
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    Replacing a PIR floodlight - best practice

    I want to replace a faulty conventional PIR floodlight with a new 20W LED version. The current install uses approx 2.5-3mtrs of T&E white PVC which routes from a FCU in the kitchen along and up the kitchen wall in plastic mini trunking. It then exits above the kitchen back door through a hole...
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    Neighbour's new loft conversion has left me exposed!

    My semi-detached neighbour has just about completed a bedroom dormer conversion in their loft space. At the same time they have replaced the natural slate roof with man-made ones instead so it appears that a (butt-ugly) bonding gutter was needed to be fitted down the centre line of our roof...
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    Non-removable glazing bead cure

    Hi After finding a damp patch near the lower LH corner of my uPVC window, it seems that on a wndy day rain water seeps from the end of an add-on which the window sits on. I'm assuming due to the age of the window - it is well past its prime, 1980s, externally beaded, - that rain is trickling...
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    Rothenberger 22mm Pipeslice - is this right?

    Hi I have used a monument mini cutter quite happily for many years but since I couldn't source a spare wheel locally I decided to purchase a Rothenberger automatic pipeslice from Screwfix here. From experience using the adjustable mini slice it does leaves a burr but it is quite small and...
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    Tool for a broken pavement stop tap?

    Hi folks, I broke my local water company's stop tap after shearing off the handle after what I would call average force didn't halt the trickle that was still coming through. What narks me is that when SWW came out to fix the problem they used a specialised tool (round with 3? diff size holes...
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    New uPVC door installation - fastenings

    Hi I have just installed a uPVC back door and although generally successful I wanted to run a couple of elementary questions regarding the use of frame fastenings to any experienced uPVC door installers .. I've used Fischer 7.5x112 FFS screws which made the job quite easy, however I did find...
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    Putting copper pipework inside a stud partition

    Hi I'm renovating a small upstairs bedroom and replacing the old lath & plaster with plasterboard. In the corner of the room are 2x22mm CH and 1x15mm copper pipes which were previously boxed in. Due to the room being small I'd like to hide the three pipes in the stud partition. Does anyone...
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    Cabling behind skirting board

    Hi, I want to extend a radial circuit in a conservatory to provide power for an extra socket plus three wall lamps (conservatory has solid flooring). The area on the wall behind the skirting is not a permitted cable route (for cable depths less than 50mm) although I see that you can buy...
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    Where to start when seeking a domestic electrician?

    Hi, I'm seeking out an electrician to do some new installation work in our conservatory. Would a member who subscribes to Elecsa and the TustMark schemes be a satisfactory starting point? Many thanks peeps.
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    Exporting TT earth to detached garage?

    The supply to my house uses a TT earthing arrangement. The incoming supply to the house CU (fuse wire holders) is via a standalone Wylex WSES 63/2 63A 30mA RCCB. Seperate but adjacent to the house CU is a 30A FCU and another Wylex 63A 30mA RCCB that supplies the detached garage CU 11 metres...
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    Supply to Garage and Shed

    Hi there, I would like to break into an existing 4mm SWA cable currently running from my house to a detached garage in order to add a 2-way metal socket and flourescent lamp to my humble 8x6 shed which is sited along the existing cable route. The house-to-garage route is 25m and the...
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    Replacing supply to detached garage - part P notifiable?

    Hi there, I want to replace approximately 15 metres of MICC/Pyro cable buried in my back garden - a power feed from the house to a detached garage - with SWA for a couple of reasons. I want to protect the cable better - at present the cable is barely 2-3" below ground under weak...
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    Waste outlet for wash basin -newbie advice please

    Hi. I had a flood from our upstairs bathroom after a compression bend came off a 32mm waste outlet pipe from a wash basin, caused when using a pump-type sink unblocker. The previous installer had not made a particularly neat job of the layout nor with the water pipework either. I have...
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    Do my friction hinges suit top or side hung?

    Does top or side hung refer to the position of the hinge or the window movement? One of my windows (1.5m W x 1.0m H approx) needs a replacement hinge. The main section of glazing is fixed and running along the top of this are two opening windows. Each opening window has a handle on the...
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    Bay window new ceiling

    Hello, Is it recommended to include a vapour barrier to protect the insulation & timbers during renovation? Alternatively, will it do any harm to put up 1000 gauge polythene before plasterboarding? Bay is in the front living room. Roof is insulated using 50mm cavity wall boards between the...
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    Bay Window Roof Insulation - Advice Please

    Hi there! I have a 1920s bay window with sloping roof atached to my lounge. The original lath & plaster ceiling in the bay (1m deep x 2m wide) deteriorated so I removed it. Since there was no insulation fitted I would like to insulate the bay ceiling as efficiently as is sensibly...
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    Are DIY stud detectors any good?

    Will they indicate the presence of studs or joists fairly easily - even behind lath & plaster walls or ceilings? Can anyone recommend a model they use, or even suggest the ones to avoid? Thanks.
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    Sash lock size

    What is the rule of thumb when selecting a lock size to fit to a new external door? The door timber thickness is 44mm and 93mm deep. I purchased a 78mm deep lock based on what I saw on the old door but now feel that there wouldn't seem much material left after cutting the mortice out...