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    Replace front door with bifold

    I have a bungalow with a front door to the side. As this side is south facing I would like to remove the front door and increase the opening to introduce bifold doors. I also want to block up the back door. It appears I can do this without planning consent as it's side facing and not onto a...
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    Trusteel MK2 bungalow

    trusteel mk2
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    Gloworm climapro not working different times of day

    A friend has a three or four year old gloworm combi boiler and a couple of years ago had it repositioned by a corgi and introduced a climapro remote controller. She has an incredibly warm house and doesn't really use the programmer but just uses override when she wants central heating. Turns out...
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    Patio doors drain channel tilts away from hole.

    I have some sliding patio doors. They are south facing coastal so you can imagine sometimes they get pelted. When this happens the drain channel becomes overwhelmed. I decided to take a look today and poured a litre of water into the channel and to my surprise the water ran and collected at the...
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    Have planning permission, can I alter a window to door without reapplying?

    I am about to start my extension and have plans passed and will be working under a building notice. I do not live in a conservation area. I have changed my mind about the new large picture window and now wish it to be patio doors. The doors will actually be 60cm narrower than the window, and...
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    Replace and lower suspended floor with solid

    Thinking of buying a bungalow with a shallow roof. I want to raise to create an upstairs but limited to my neighbours existing ridge height so slightly compromised. The plot is sloped back to front so whilst the back door is 6" above ground level the front of the house dpc sits 9 courses above...
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    Can I vent a WC into a garage?

    I have walled out the corner of a bedroom to create a toilet and now need to vent. Its against the garage so I can vent into the garage. As its not a bathroom or wetroom and its only to remove smell and not moisture can it just be vented like this or do I need to duct it through the garage to an...
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    How to relay slabs to bed that has only been down 2 years?

    I layed granite slabs (the long narrow type about 20mm deep) onto a 4" sand/cement mix last year. The screed was directly on top of a sound slab patio which had been down 30 odd years. I have recently run a narrow channel through it and so lifted slabs as necessary whilst building an extension...
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    Self build extension. Drain,blocks+wall constr. questions

    Hi I have a semi with attached side garage. I drew up some plans which passed for a basic ground floor box behind house and garage and poured the footings this last fortnight under a building notice. So no professional or builder input to this point. It is bank holiday weekend and I cant speak...
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    Accidentally ran lighting with switch cable. Now what?

    Hi, I am refurbing my kitchen and had the ceilings down so ran some cable for a new kitchen feed, and downlighters from a reel left by the previous homeowner. I have now boarded and plastered the ceiling. I just pulled the cable through the first downlighter hole and noticed it has two...
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    tecnik oven cooling motor rattling

    Hi, I have bought a used tecnik range oven and the cooling motor is noisy when in operation. I have taken the oven apart and the cooling fan itself is fine. When unmounted from the oven casing it turns very quietly, but the way it is mounted causes the noise metallic rattling sound. I think...
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    No Hot water, timer fires boiler but goes out quickly.

    I have a conventional Housewarmer back boiler with a Randall 102 analog timer controller. CH works fine through the controller. However HW does not. In HW mode the timer fires up boiler when twisting through ON but flame goes out within 1 minute and consequently no hot water. About every hour...
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    Electric oven both grill and oven not heating but fans turn.

    Hi, I turned some jacket potatoes into lumps of coal yesterday by leaving them in the oven much too long and burning them! AEG COMPETENCE B1180-4-M single electric oven. I then went to use the oven tonight and; Neither the oven element or grill element are working. The grill...
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    t90xr pumped electric shower - Tee off existing tank flow?

    Hi, I am replacing an electric shower for my bruv with a triton t90xr pumped electric as his flow rate is appalling. His current set up is from the cold water mains which I have just found out despite being 100% assured by him he had a tank feed! The instruction say it must have its own feed...
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    fitted 2" hearth, now fireplace hole too small. what to

    I am refurbing an 1920's house. I intend to fit an inset gas flame fire into a fireplace where an older style gloworm fire was. I have fitted a new hearth but now the opening is only 51cm high so i have angle grinded 5cm off the granite back board to enlarge the opening but there appears a...
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    monobloc causing no hot water despite non return valves

    i have fitted a new kitchen sink and monobloc tap. The tap kit had 2 non return valves so i fitted on both hot and cold feeds. The hot pressure is now very low to non existent. i have stripped it and checked and no blockages. the cold is mains and the hot is from an immersion tank and it is...
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    ariston combi overheating and cutting out

    I had a new Ariston microgenusII 31 combi fitted last month and it has been perfect until today. It appears to be overheating and cutting out. The boiler fires to supply central heating but the temp dial on the front raises quickly to 90c and then cuts out only to start again about a minute...
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    ceiling regs for kitchen re plasterboard?

    i am about to embark on plasterboarding my ceiling in a new extension which will be a kitchen. Someone in passing has just said they think it will require double skinning with 12.5mm plasterboard. Is this correct? It is a single storey extension with a flat roof that has been knocked through...
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    plumbing under a screed floor

    I am self managing/ labouring my way through a huge ground floor extension. I have a concrete floor about 50mm below my required finished level. Could someone just outline what I need to be aware of if running my first fix radiator copper pipes along this floor and can I just screed straight...