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    your better of buying one from your local shed/fencing manufacturer,, saves the hassle.. i would go for an 8ftx6ft pent shed myself :wink: paul
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    Floorboard Inspection Hatch

    the blade should cut just shy of the joists if saw set at 20mm,floorboard generally come at 22mm
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    Floorboard Inspection Hatch

    circular saw mate, set the blade about 20mm :wink:
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    best varnish for painted wood

    ronseal hard glaze :wink:
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    Which circular saw blade

    nope... i would never use a cicular saw on a door..... get yer plane out and do it with that :wink:
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    Painting newly skimmed walls and ceilings

    i would give the plaster a week or so before you paint it,dont forget your mist coat,matt emulsion watered down.or watered pva before you put your propper coat on. i your thinking of wallpapering it wait for around six months befor papering
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    Planning permission for a conservatory? Yay or Nay

    i'm pretty sure you don't nee planning permission fo a conservatory without central heating :wink: you only need planning permission for a central heated one. this is because while ever the conservatory has no heating it is not classes as an extension as it can be removed at any poit,but with a...
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    My window sill is uneven - help!

    the cill is probably warped due to moisture from the window,to starighten it up you could cut some wedges and knock them in under the cill,with a straight edge on the cill kepp knocking the wedge in untill the cill just touches the straight edge,when it does stick some packers under the cill and...
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    Garden Fence Dimensions Help

    altoough fencing companies will make you panels to fit the 70"gap but as already been said this 70" is a strange size as the concrete gravel boards are manufactured at a standard size of 6FT or 1.83m,these are made from plastic moulds and come a standard size! i would check the measurement...
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    gap along bath

    sorry about my previous post on this subject i miss read the 3 quaters gap :oops: :oops:
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    fitting a HOWDENS kitchen PLEASE HELP

    Hi there i just started using howdens for my kitchens,i'm fitting the kitchen at the moment and i cant suss out how these clips go?????i'm thinking they are some kind of stop for the doors,any help would be greatfull thanks paul
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    gap along bath

    i would just silicon seal the gap mate :wink: fill yer bath up with water first though this will open the gap so the sealant will seal the whole gap :wink: paul
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    printer hp2355 all in one..paper jam problems

    i had the same problem the other week with my epsom printer,took it to be serviced and it turned out to be a polo mint inside the printer :roll: how daft did i feel :lol: :wink: worth a check mate :wink: paul
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    Door Liners

    i dont oik the frames mate,a standard door comes at 80" som i cut the legs of the casing at 80"and a quater so the door has a 20mm clearence gap at the bottom for the carpet/flooring :wink: paul
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    Bitumen coming through Parquet flooring

    there is so kind of wipes on the market, Called woder wipes,this might remove the bitumin but dont hold me to it, it sound as if the bitumin has been put down too thick under the parquet. Failing the wonder wipes you might try using a solvent based cleaner :wink: paul
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    What should I use for my Kitchen windowsill?

    drill and plugg it to the cill mate.pack it on the underside to straighten/level the timber :wink:
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    Concrete fence post options?

    you can drill concrete psts mate :wink: not a problem with brown 7mm carefull be carefull not to drill too near the top of the post and try to keep it centraly on the post. Remember the post has got 5 steel bars running through it on the 4 corners of the post :wink:
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    Concrete fence post options?

    you can buy a concrete 3 way t post,from your local fencing company
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    removing varnish from a bannister

    yep... preperation is 9 tenths of a job :wink:
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    Shed foundations

    should be allright with just a sharp sand base,but i think you'll have to edge the area first to stop the sand washing away, i would make a concrete sceed using sharp sand soft sand and cement made to a dryish mix then lay yer slabs on the screed :wink: paul