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    Removing Concealed Thermostatic Shower Valve Plate

    I'm trying to remove this shower valve face plate. The plate retaining rings are stuck to the plastic collar and the plate, they won't budge. Anyone any ideas please? Shower-plate by outmyway posted 7 Dec 2021 at 7:20 PM
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    2 Way Light Switches : Finding the common?

    Replacing dimmer switches (Varilight which were labelled Slave, Load, Live) with conventional 2 way switches on a landing lighting circuit. Both switches now work independently (ie. I can switch on-off from each switch, but not off from the other?). Is their an easy way to find the...
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    Filling floor recess to match tile level (pics)

    I need to fill this gap to match the level of the tiles so we can carpet over the top. Its approx 50mm deep and 500mm wide by 7.2m (0.19 cubic meter or 3.8 square meters by 50mm deep) I've thought about screeding but could I fill with say pea gravel and use floor leveller over the top? Or...
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    Should I mastic a Frankie sink drain?

    Fitting this Frankie sink drain : Should I use mastic inside to make sure I get a good seal, or will the rubber flange washers be OK on their own?
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    Monobloc Tap leaks from underside only when on. (Pics)

    This cartridge monobloc tap leaks only when switched on from the underside. Its a drip that seems to come from around the edge of the inner copper near the cold inlet. I'm scratching my head ... somehow water is finding its way around from the cartridge chamber on the top to the...
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    Help! - Leaking basin trap (Pictures)

    This basin trap is driving me mad ... I've taken it apart and reset it so many times but it keeps leaking .... See pics below to see where its leaking ... Should I use silicon on the trap-waste seal and on the underside of the basin waste seal+thread? I dont understand how water is...
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    Non yellowing wood white Satin paint?

    Can anyone please recommend a good non yellowing white satin paint? ... its to paint interior doors and skirtings .... ... dont mind oil or water based ... .... tried Johnstones oil based which yellowed badly after 6 months :(
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    Gas Hob - Flexible Hose Question

    I know this has been asked a trillion times on here ... Can I use a flexible hose to connect my gas hob? I've seen the answer is NO on here it must be copper ... but then saw these BG approved hoses for just that ???
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    Why are some things not earthed?

    Just a ponder whilst fitting my kitchen ... Why are some items not earthed ? ie. My hotpoint cooker hood is just 2 core ... My under unit worktop lights are 2 core .. Both have metal/stainless casings .... Having had an electrician move my consumer unit it seems NICEIC are obsessed...
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    Routing top of kitchen unit for undermount sink?

    I need to remove 1-2mm from the top edges of my new kitchen sink unit, so that the undermount sink will sit flush. I'm new to routing ... will it cut through the melamine OK? What sort of bit should I use? Thanks This is the unit and sink ...
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    Dimmer Switch Keeps Blowing on 12 x GU10 bulbs ???

    My 2nd Wickes dimmer switch has just blown after 30mins use ..... Do GU10 bulbs need special dimmers? I have x12 50W GU10's on this circuit ... so 600W total, but the dimmer is rated to over 1KW. Any ideas much appreciated!
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    Moving washing machines / dishwashers in-out on wooden floor

    I'm thinking about putting down wooden flooring in my kitchen. is there a simple way to move appliances like dishwashers and washing machines in and out without damaging wooden floors?
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    Mounting consumer unit on single brick external wall? (Pics)

    Are their any Reg's that say I cant have my consumer unit moved inside a stud wall? Its part of a Garage conversion, so it would be mounted on the single brick external wall - Would it need to be in an IP65 box? The plan is to have an access panel to it inside the stud wall I'm constructing.
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    Plastic or metal edge beading?

    Is their any advantage or disadvantage of using plastic or metal edge beading? I bought these plastic ones to edge a drywall ready for a plasterer to skim, are metal better...
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    Frozen apart mains stopcock joint - Picture

    I got home after a few days away on Sunday to find this compression joint frozen apart on my mains stopcock in the garage ... Is this normal, or was it not correctly tightened? The pipe had pulled off the olive which was left inside the valve joint. Luckily I had left it off!!! (plus a...
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    Subtle movement/vibration on suspended ply floor - Tiling?

    I've taken up my chipboard and replaced with 18mm WPB ply. If I jump up and down or go on tip toes and bang my heels down in certain areas I get a subtle vibration a few feet away. I've taken the ply up and added extra noggins and re-levelled the joist, but still cant totally get rid of...
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    Venting Garage conversion roof - What type of vents?

    I need to vent between each of my garage joists above the insulation. The outside is just vertical plastic. If I use these type of vents design for sofits I fear water might come in during heavy driving rain...
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    British Gas - New System - Are they really the devil?!

    Considering BG after numerous quotes for a new system. Are they really the devil? I read a lot of tongue in cheek comments on this forum but are they really that bad? Is it that most pro's on here run their own businesses and like to bait the big giant! I had a Homecare...
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    Are large boilers inefficient if not working flat out?

    Are large Kw boilers inefficient if not working flat out? The reason I ask is that a plumber said I should avoid getting an over powerful boiler becuase it would be inefficient - Is this true? I currently have a Potterton Kingfisher RS80 rated up to 23Kw and it really struggles in the...
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    How deep is mains stop cock?

    I'm trying to get to my mains stop cock through the small cast iron flap in the street. I've spent 30 minutes with hand down there clearing out the mud. I'm now at arms length on my side and fumbled around with a screwdriver and still cant find it . Right next to it is a new style...