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    stove distance to combustibles

    Hi Diynotters Before I get the stove installer back to fix it, I wanted to check with you folks... Here's my stove install - The chimney breast is metal studwork, faced in cement board. When the installer fitted the stove, the installer was aware that we wanted to...
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    rodent proof loft insulation?

    I have just moved to an old house next to a mahooosive wheat field, so I have a "nature problem". I'm renovating one end of the house and the loft appears to have been infested in the past with mice - I pulled down the 1st floor plasterboard ceiling (wearing apropriate PPE) and was showered in...
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    loft conversion escape route

    Hello... first post here. :-) Thank you for all the useful information on this forum, it has answered so many questions. I have a question I don't have an answer for though, despite also reading the fire regulations directly... I have just bought a pretty standard victorian terrace with...