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    Electrical consumption oil boiler

    We typically use around 16kWh of electricity a day. Which is high but tolerable. What is interesting is that we were away for a couple of days and it seems like the house uses 5kwh a day with none of the usual appliances in use. This seems very high and I’m trying to narrow it down. We have...
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    High Temperature Heat Pump Vs Oil

    We currently have oil fired heating in a 2006 build 4 bed bungalow with radiator (unfortunately not underfloor heating). Boiler has been very reliable to date and I've no immediate plans to replace it, but if and when it gives up the ghost I'm thinking about replacing it with a high temperature...
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    Bathroom Fan

    I have an xpelair in-line fan for my en-suite. I've noticed over the last few months that it takes about 10 seconds to build up to full speed. Sound kinda cool actually, like its some massive piece of equipment starting up... Anyway, this morning it just buzzed for a while then got going...
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    Drayton Wiser oil heating

    I'm considering adding the Drayton wiser system to replace the typical programmer with manual thermostat \ trv set up but someone mentioned on a different post that oil boilers tend to pull more current than gas boilers and cited this as a reason for premature failure of a programmer. The...
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    Hello, We're looking to revamp our en-suite in a couple of months and have been pointed in the direction of 'crosswater' for the sanitryware / cabinets etc - any experience with this company? Any good? Also, does 6k sound fair to replace a shower tray with wetroom floor, replace existing...
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    Oil Boilers - Range of Output

    This is a question to satisfy my curiosity more than anything else, my boiler (Camray 5 40/65) is quoted as having an output range between approx 12 to 19kW. But I didn't think oil boilers could modulate their output like gas boilers could so how is this variation achieved?
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    RCD Trip

    Earlier this evening for no apparent reason the RCD tripped. Through a process of elimination I identified it was something on the garage circuit causing the issue. Any reset of the RCD and having this breaker switched on caused an immediate trip. Again through a process of elimination I...
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    Remote Switching

    Hello, I tried this in the automation section but didn't have much response. It doesn't seem too lively in there at the moment. In my kitchen I have a run of units with undercabinet lighting fed from the lighting circuit with a dedicated switch on the wall. I also have a dresser unit which I...
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    Remote Light Switch

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution where switching on a light in one area of the room will also trigger a switch on in a different part of the room. Ideally though detection of line voltage on a lighting circuit light which remotely triggers a plug socket to switch on - is there a solution out...
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    No Hot Water

    Hello, System is a pressurised hot water cylinder (Megaflow) fed from an oil fired boiler. There are two motorised valves in the garage, one for the CH and one for the hot water. When I put the hot water on on the timer it clicks and the light comes on but neither the pump or the valve...
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    Female stop end?

    Stupid question... I'm going to temporarily disconnect some taps and I'm wondering if there is a blanking plug I can just screw onto a standard 15mm T outlet?
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    Wooden Worktop 'return'

    I'm looking to clad the end of an island unit with the same worktop that sits on top of it and to try and achive this by cutting the ends of the top and sides at 45 degrees. How would I go about this? The alternative is to just have the sides but up against the bottom of the top but I don't...
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    Painted MDF doors

    Hello, I'm looking to replace my kitchen and have decided not to go for any vinyl / foil wrapped offerings. I'm looking at either Painted MDF or painted timber, I would imagine that the timber is the 'best' product to go for but the price difference is enough to make me consider painted MDF...
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    Megaflo - External Expansion Vessel Feasible?

    I have a mefaflo cylinder with the internal air bubble which seems to need regenerating every 4 months or so. It takes ages to do this (probably because its on the ground floor of a bungalow and the level of the lowest tap is barely below the level of the tank). Its a pain in the arse job and...
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    Kitchen Carcass sizing

    Hello, I'm planning on changing the doors on my kitchen and was looking at a couple of places that do made to measure doors, but the problem is they are all vinyl wrapped wheras I want a better quality door - painted. These are much harder to find as made to measure unless I'm paying a lot of...
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    Pelmet Set Up

    I'm in the process of planning to replace my kitchen doors and so on and I was surprised to find that the pelmet on top of my wall units is not a standard pelmet / rail arrangement but a large flat board that is the full depth and length of the wall units. The run is a bit of an awkward length...
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    A few years ago I decided to tile my kitchen and all went well so buoyed by this success I decided I'd have a go with the bathroom. We'd decided on black slate tiles which were quite expensive. Then one day I spotted some, at a knockdown price, at a tile shop. 'Unregulated' they said, which...
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    Bristan Vegas Monobloc Tap - Cartridge Change

    Hello, I'm trying to change the cartridge in my tap but have failed at the first hurdle, I think I'm supposed to simply unscrew the chrome shroud in the picture below but even with rubber gloves to get a firm grip on it it doesn't budge. Am I right in thinking this bit should unscrew. Youtube...
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    I have a megaflow hot water tank and during / after the boiler was heating the water there was some discharge from the tundish and the first time a hot water tap was opened there was clearly a release of pressure. I got the plumber to recharge the air bubble when he was servicing the boiler and...
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    En-suite refresh

    We're thinking about refreshing our en-suite by re tiling it but there is nothing really wrong / offensive with the toilet, WHB or shower. It would all need taken out and put back again and I was wondering if this is more difficult than just replacing everything with new?