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    Intermittent noise coming from boiler

    HI I was hoping someone could help, i have a Valiant boiler its about 10 years old and it keeps making an intermittent loud noise when the heating comes on but not with the hot water. Any ideas what it could be, it sounds like a vacuum cleaner?
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    Glow worm beta com 24c pressure problems

    Hi I hope someone can help, I'm fed up of getting cold. I have a glow worm betacom 24c which keeps loosing pressure- I keep refilling up to 1.5 bars and it turns back on but the pressure rises way up into the red zone but continues to run fine and will sometimes last a week or only even a day...
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    Glow worm betacom 24 c

    I have a glow worm beta com 24c and have read that to get pressure i need to find the filling loop. Where is this??? hELP