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    Nest 3rd Gen - No Hot Water Control

    Hello I managed to replace our old Honeywell ST9420C and wireless thermostat with the Nest Learning Thermostat V3 using the following wiring layout: Honeywell-Nest N-N L-L, 2 & 5 4-3 3-6 Previously, on the old Honeywell programmer there were just 4 wires - N, L, 3, 4. This is working fine...
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    Replacing Honeywell ST9420C and Wireless Thermostat with Google Nest

    UPDATE: Now resolved this myself, thanks to earlier post by Muggles. I just forgot to put the additional live connections to T2 and T5. Silly mistake on my part but all working fine now. Hello I’ve just bought a Google Nest Learning Thermostat v3 to replace our old setup. Sorry, I know there...