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    Leak under kitchen sink - advice on what to do

    Hi all. Got a little project on my hands here. There is a constant drip from the pipework under my kitchen sink hot tap - currently filled a baked bean can over about 3 days. Previous owners solution was to tie a Jay cloth around the pipe but I was hoping for a more satisfactory solution without...
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    What is causing these ceiling cracks?

    Good evening Everyone, I moved into my current house 2 years ago and have recently noticed some cracks in the kitchen ceiling. ( I think the previous owner had these touched up as they were not visible when I moved in.) I think these have worsened recently. I am planning to fill the cracks...
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    plastic radiator pipes bending like crazy

    yeah i thought it looked shoddy. If I drain the system and straighten the pipes then lay them under the joist instead of over do you think it will be ok? I would phone the plumber but since it has been over a year I'm not sure he will come back.
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    plastic radiator pipes bending like crazy

    Have uploaded an image - is taken from above so looks slightly better than actually is. Hope this is useful.
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    plastic radiator pipes bending like crazy

    Hi everyone. Have had a look through the forum but can't find any info. on the following problem. I have a new combi boiler CH system installed just over a year ago. The plumber has used the plastic piping in the attic which I understand is common place. My concern is that when going into...
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    what is this pipe?

    Hi Everyone, Just started taking up the kitchen floor in my 60s bungalow and there is quite a thick pipe running at a T section along the whole length of the room and across the width. The pipe appears to have had some sort of fabric covering at one point which is totally rotten. As there is...