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  1. LordFrederickIII

    Fitting wireless thermostat

    Hi, I currently have a wired thermostat which I'd like to replace with a wireless one. Do I simply swap the new receiver with the existing thermostat? The one I'm thinking of getting is this: Thanks
  2. LordFrederickIII

    Viessmann Vitodens 100 Service Mode

    Hi, Can someone tell me if I need to get someone who knows viessmann boiler. Boiler not firing, Engineer says the PCB not firing because of FF error. He got a replacement PCB, tried to fit it today. Engineer says he can get into service mode, but not set the PCB to match the boiler model. It...
  3. LordFrederickIII

    How has this happened?

    See attached pic. Pipe looks like its about to split? How has that happened? Didn't think pipes were joined like that? Going to get a plumber to fix it. Just curious as to what's happened.
  4. LordFrederickIII

    Can anyone identify this for me please

    Hi, Can anyone identify the block with four circles under the sensor? It's making an annoying buzzing sound apparently. Thanks
  5. LordFrederickIII

    Pinning back leaning gate

    Hi, I have a rather heavy gate that is leaning to one side. It has the Z sandwiched in-between. I know you can buy those anti sag kits, but I'm wondering if I can use a frame fixing screw (or equivalent) to drill through the post into the wall, and then tighten, which should move the post back...
  6. LordFrederickIII

    Shed bearer question

    Hi, I'm looking at getting a new shed installed. The current base is concrete and the existing shed is on bearers as the area can get very wet (lots of trees and foliage about). The new shed is on tanalised runners that will raise it 1.5 inches of the ground. Should I still put bearers down...
  7. LordFrederickIII

    Shed base

    Hi, I have an existing shed concreted base that is 12ftx8ft. I'm planning on putting on a new shed that is 14ftx8ft. There's four flags laid to make the base up to 14ft in length (see pic). The flagstone that I've marked in red isn't quite level where it butts with the concrete. It looks like...
  8. LordFrederickIII

    Cooker hood diffuser

    Hi, I'm trying to find a lamp diffuser for Waterline INTG cooker hood. Unfortunately all my searches on Google have been fruitless. Does anyone know where I can purchase one, or whether it's possible to buy a generic one and cut it down to size? Many thanks in advance LF
  9. LordFrederickIII

    BFT control panel

    Hi, We currently have a BFT control panel for the local residents that apparently is managing over 140 fobs. We want to delete all fobs and reassign them as part of an audit process. From reading the manual, it appears the function used on the control panel is erase64. What does the 64 refer...
  10. LordFrederickIII

    What's the name of this key?

    Hi, We need to get a duplicate key (see attached image). Does anyone know what the correct name for this key is? Thanks in advance LF
  11. LordFrederickIII

    Will an accumulator solve this issue?

    Current setup is a OSO 330l unvented cylinder which also supplies four bathrooms. The house is old and big, with the water having to flow that bit higher. There is also a Grundfos Hot Water Circulator Pump attached to the pipe work. The flow rate isn't great so we're looking to see what we can...
  12. LordFrederickIII

    System boiler + unvented cylinder

    We have a Viessmann Vitodens 100 system boiler connected to an OSO unvented cylinder. On the boiler there are controls to set the hot water temperature. Similarly, the OSO has controls to set the hot water temperature as well. Is the system boiler control redundant as it doesn't seem to affect...
  13. LordFrederickIII

    UPVC Door Butt Hinge Pin

    Hi, The pin from the Butt Hinge is popping out (see attached file), and no matter how hard I hit it with a hammer, will not go back in. Is there a technique for getting this in again? Thanks
  14. LordFrederickIII

    Removal of oil storage tank

    I have in the cellar what I believe to be an old oil container. However, I can't see anywhere the inlet or outlet for the oil, nor can I see any connection to the Honeywell Oil heater (last serviced 1974!). Its approx 7ftx7ftx7ft and sounds hollow when I tap on it (both at the top and bottom...
  15. LordFrederickIII

    Old windows need repairing

    Hi, I have an old window with lead lining that needs repairing. I've asked a couple of local window companies to repair, but they don't have the necessary skill to repair. Does anyone know what kind of tradesman I need to search for to repair the window? Thanks LF
  16. LordFrederickIII

    Replacing external wooden door panel

    One of the outside solid wood doors has been weathered and the part of the wood on the panel is coming off. However, the wood underneath seems to be in good condition. Do I need to replace the panel and if so, is there any guide anywhere? Alternately, I've thought about taking the top...
  17. LordFrederickIII

    100mm Kingspan or 200mm space blanket

    Finally going to insulate under the floorboards in the lounge. Don't have to lift up the floorboards as there is a generous crawl space underneath. I have the option of going with 100mm Kingspan, or a 200mm space blanket. The Kingspan has the better U value but its going to be harder to fit...
  18. LordFrederickIII

    Help me identify this conifer

    We have one of these growing in our back garden and would like to grow the same plant in the front garden. Any idea on what this particular conifer variation is? Many thanks
  19. LordFrederickIII

    Connector for outside tap

    Hi, I've got an old tap in the garden and none of the Hozelock connectors will fit. Does anyone know of adapters I can purchase? Here's a pic of the tap: Many thanks [/img]
  20. LordFrederickIII

    Solid wall insulation

    We're planning on redecorating one of the upstairs bedroom and putting in solid wall insulation. It's a fairly large corner bedroom, with two walls (South and West) braving the elements, the North wall adjoining the neighbours and the East being an internal stud wall. The house is built in...