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  1. LeeUK

    Electric dilemma - MCB info wanted

    Hi I have a holiday home and received a 2k elec bill recently despite the house being empty 6 months. I have found my elec heaters come on automatically if there has been a power cut so presume this is the issue. The maker says the heaters do this and advised to switch main switch off! I have...
  2. LeeUK

    Outside light to socket query

    I have a low level pointless light in our small garden. When we moved I brought our petrol mower which is overkill, have since got a useless push mower, now thinking elec mower. If I'm not here the mrs cant use the petrol fella. I thought of changing the light to a socket and using a as low...
  3. LeeUK

    How to change this TRV

    Ever wished you hadn't started something! On a whim I got a double radiator to replace a single. The current TRVs are I presume 3/4 and the tails on the replacing rad are 15mm so I am going to replace the TRV Thing is, its not the usual 15mm compression its slotted onto the pipe - When I...
  4. LeeUK

    Header tank outlet - uk plumbing is a joke

    Gravity stop valve broken so I go about replacing the tap. I go and buy a 22mm screw on stop end. Oh, this isn't allowed What size is a 22mm out thread (inside the tank)? The system in this country is absolutely ridiculous. In Europe you can buy hot water tanks for £100 with cold water...
  5. LeeUK

    Moving bath tap location - gravity fed

    Hi I'm considering moving the tap location (new bath) to the center against the wall (hate the thought but more suited), the taps currently are at the end and the pipes come straight out of the floor directly under the taps. To move to the center I am thinking of doing the plastic push fit to...
  6. LeeUK

    Shower install - gravity fed query

    Ow do I'm installing a shower in an ensuite and as we have a good bath pressure I'm giving it a go on the shower. I'm branching off 2 22mm feeds but as a shower mixer input is 15mm I will have to reduce it. Initially I was going to branch off with an equal 22mm and reduce to 15 near the input...
  7. LeeUK

    Fitting 2 20 amp appliance switches help wanted

    Hi Prior to tiling! I'm currently chiselling space for a couple of 20a switches. I'm unsure which switches to go for, seems a lot of space for 2 switches so.... Can i use these grid switch type instead in one box? seems obvious but first time in 20 years DIYing i've had to do this :) Also...
  8. LeeUK

    Pressure drop if heating and hot water on

    Asking for a friend. Oil heating - when the heating is on (morning) and someone runs a bath or has a shower the pressure drops on the boiler and cuts out, the boiler then needs to be topped up (pressure) before it kicks in again. I thought the water pressure (flow) to the shower/bath needs...
  9. LeeUK

    No hot water, new thermostat!!

    Hi I have a Heatrae Sadia and the immersion hasn't worked for a while so I replaced the thermostat and still nothing Are these stats straight forward to wire up, it seemed it when I did it, just wondering if the last one was wired up wrong way, there is power. Any ideas?
  10. LeeUK

    Hot water tanks with 2 immersion heaters, why

    Why have 2 immersion heaters Is this just to heat the water quicker? I have this, one is on night timer (econ 7) and another on a switch I would have preferred one to have the option of on/off/timer
  11. LeeUK

    Fire valve keeps tripping

    Hi Oil heating boiler keeps tripping out and this is due to the fire valve I reset the valve and the boiler will start again but goes off after a while any idea why this would happen
  12. LeeUK

    Rewire - what do I look for

    Hi Am buying an untouched 70s property soon and have looked at the wiring behind a socket and it looks good but what should I look for when deciding whether to go for a rewire? It has a recent meter but the fuses are the old style so it could do with a modern fuse box
  13. LeeUK

    Timescale for central heating install

    How long would it take for a decent team to install gas central heating into a 2 bed bungalow
  14. LeeUK

    Underfloor heating recommendations

    Hi Am looking into this and will be laid onto a suspended floor / floorboards What is a good option for a quick install? Maybe laying laminate on top. any info appeciated
  15. LeeUK

    Any tips for a partial self install (pipes)

    Hi Am considering a new gas central heating install for my home (currently elec heating). I am hopefully going to locate the boiler centrally to the house and thinking of laying pipes and mounting rads etc prior to getting someone in to do the rest. Would using compression fittings be a...
  16. LeeUK

    Mortgage issues - single block ext - how to fix

    Hi I have had an offer on our house, small granite cottage with an old small ground floor extention for kitchen/bathroom, apex slate roof All I know is they have been rejected by the mortgage people on the basis the ext does not conform to regs due to it being single skin As said its...
  17. LeeUK

    Stat change - drain or not?

    Hi Need to change a thermostat on a Heatrae Sadia tank (cl125). I think its the single stat type (near the bottom). I presume these can be changed without draining the tank Am I right or do I need to drain? Also, are these stats universal or model speciifc? Cheers
  18. LeeUK

    Why is the plumbing system the way it is here?

    Hi I have just bought a house to renovate in england after 5 years in France In France I have a cold feed, from that it goes off to the taps and one goes to a hot water tank the hot water tank (electric) as well as an inlet (cold) it just has the one outlet (hot) this then feeds the...
  19. LeeUK

    d/stairs toilet to upstairs - drainage prob!

    Soon to be moving into a house that has a downstairs loo the house has a ground floor extention (L shape) with the toilet at the far end I want to move the loo upstairs directly above the extention but the waste is to the far end of the extention and inside! there is also an outside loo a...
  20. LeeUK

    Simple one driving me mad - 2 way lights!!

    Hi Just made a new room above a garage (France) put up the lights, located 2 switches, one down one up my instructions say, wire up light to mains and wire up both switches - common to common L1 to L1 etc etc what I dont get is wire the light up to mains!! will the light not be...