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  1. fatplumber

    Controlling immersion with solar pv

    I install one or two combis fed from unvented cylinders heated by solar thermal. When the cylinder supplies hot water the combi doesn’t fire. I’ve got one or two who want to prioritise solar pv to the cylinder but don’t want to heat from the grid unless commanded. Does anyone know of a switching...
  2. fatplumber

    BBC can’t be real can it!

    Nah, in Blackpool during Wakes Week. :rolleyes:
  3. fatplumber

    BBC can’t be real can it!

    One of the worst kickings of my life was from a group of women. :confused:
  4. fatplumber

    BBC can’t be real can it!

    Shelling nuke power stations now! o_O Summat very twisted in that brain.
  5. fatplumber

    Is this just pure lazyness

    Worked on BT sites back in the day, this kind of thing not unusual. There was no interest in how it looked.
  6. fatplumber

    More gun dismay

    really? I thought it was my jaundiced view of fatuous comparisons.
  7. fatplumber

    More gun dismay

    oh dear!
  8. fatplumber

    Vitamin C / D

    Vit D is recommended for old farts like me during winter months.
  9. fatplumber

    Petition to Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

    you can’t! She said it was all a conspiracy with the “Mainstream Media!” I’ve got a bloke working for me at the moment who refuses. I asked him why. He said that he " had done the research” and again talked about the “Mainstream Media” turning us into sheep. I know that there are enough people...
  10. fatplumber

    30 years since Fred went

    one of my absolute favourites.
  11. fatplumber

    Petition to Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

    Cousins wife was antivax, caught it and begged for vaccine in hospital. Told it was too late and she died of it. She was in her forties, fit and healthy.
  12. fatplumber

    Petition to Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19

    Thank god for you lot! Without you all, I would have to rely on people who specialise in virology, epistemology and epidemiology. What my daughter sent me. Next time a custard tells me that his opinion is worth as much as mine I’ll take more notice.
  13. fatplumber

    Pressure loss on unvented system with ideal logic boiler advice required

    Firstly, there are no overflow pipes. Your unvented has two safety valves. One is pressure only and is on the incoming water main to the cylinder. The other is a temperature and pressure relief valve on the side of the cylinder. Both these should run into the tundish. These tend to run when a...
  14. fatplumber

    Worcester Boiler Help

    Oooh pretty! No need for Christmas lights there!
  15. fatplumber

    What does this do in the cistern?

    It’s a ver cheap dump valve. You can get a better one for about £20
  16. fatplumber

    Do I need a new boiler (move or replace)?

    As I thought, there is a service duct behind the boiler. You need to get someone better experienced to take a look.
  17. fatplumber

    Do I need a new boiler (move or replace)?

    You would need a new flue and I’d like to know what’s behind it at the moment. If you are doing a major refurb then take the opportunity to change the boiler for one with better hot water delivery. That vintage Junior isn’t that too bad but I wouldn’t want to move it. Consider an Intergas or...
  18. fatplumber

    should this gas pipe be capped

    It’s good practice to cap and prevent smells but as long as it isn’t connected to the meter it’s safe.
  19. fatplumber

    Buying sanitary ware.

    I’ve been plumbing now since 1968 and I cannot believe how much substandard sanitary and brassware there is on the market, especially online. I am much relieved at the demise of the bath store. I am so fed up with explaining to customers that anything they buy is their responsibility and not...
  20. fatplumber

    fast cars

    Cars I miss, MG Magnette series ZA, police spec. I loved it, valve radio, leather sests and walnut dash. It had hardened suspension and high compression, police spec engine. Once I put radials on it it was on rails. My SAAB 9000 was the most comfortable.