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    unhappy with planning permission

    Hi Folks, My next door neighbours applied for planning permission to convert a double garage into an extension. Our 2 houses are not in a straight line, 180 degrees, more like 130 odd. This means that to a degree we both overlook each other. However, a good sized gap between houses and a fairly...
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    Solar Control Glass Cost

    Hi Will, I think Solar control glass is well worth it, it makes a big difference. As for the cost, that can be a very difficult subject. I live in the South West and asked for several quotes for 4 sheets of SC glass to be fitted to a 2.7m x 2.6m conservatory. They were around the £5k area...
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    Sealing between glass and wood

    Using any old sealant is a really bad thing as it can dissolve the edge sealant on DGU's. My whole conservatory had been sealed with silicone and the edge seals had all melted on the inside of the units. Just replaced the whole lot. Used glazers tape, silfix U9 to bed each unit in, and Hodgeson...
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    Sealing new glass roof

    Hi, I am wanting to fit new Solar control glass onto my lean- to oak conservatory. Have been advised to use Capex 50 rails screwed into the rafters. Can anybody tell me if this is a good system. There is lead flashing along the top where the current polycarbonate meets the stone wall. Are these...
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    using new extension to hold up the old one

    Hi Folks, I want to build a downstairs WC extension onto the back of a possibly 50's or 60's utility room. Both myself and the neighbours are detached houses. This is all easily covered by PD. However, the utility room is sitting on a footing of only 100mm thick- ah, the good old days! Worse...
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    Septic Tank and Foul/Rain water mixing

    Hugh, this post is a bit old but thought worth a reply. Not too sure if I agree with your statement about septic tanks needing to be emptied. I recently lived in a rented house on a farm, built in the 1950's. The farmer told me that he had only ever had it's septic tank emptied once in all that...
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    conservatory roof upgrade

    Hi, I have a lean to oak conservatory which sits on cavity dwarf block walls, possibly built in 1999. The walls are on appropriate footings and the oak is all in good condition. However, the roof is triple wall polycarbonate which I want to change to glass. I'm hoping that by doing this, it...
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    cement screed on top of new concrete

    Thanks Woody
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    cement screed on top of new concrete

    Hi, I've just laid 100mm of concrete on top of celotex. Can anyone please tell me the waiting time before I can screed it. Also, would it be a good thing to SBR the concrete before screeding? Many thanks, Mike
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    Old Fireplace replacing

    I'm sorry to see you didn't get any replies to your post. I'm also wanting to do exactly the same thing. Do you manage to do what you suggested. Did the range cooker dry/move the oak very much once it was all up and running?