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    Chamber outside bottom of driveway full of water.

    If there is a meter, and the leak is after the meter, you'll be paying for the water.
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    Heating - Warm Header tank

    Use a magnet on the Aerjec and around the copper pipes that connect into it. If the magnet sticks, then I would recommend cutting out the aerjec and re-piping with a combined feed and vent like this, if your boiler is compatible.Untitled by 45yearsagasman posted 7 Jan 2011 at 8:27 PM
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    Air in system every day

    Post a picture of the pump and motorised valves and the surrounding pipework. That will determine the type of system you have.
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    A pipe sticking out of floor

    He or she should be able to produce a card with a picture on it together with a Gas Safe registration number which can be cross checked on the website. He should leave his paperwork after completion.
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    Diagnosing damp patch under radiator?

    Certainly doesn't look like any TRV I've ever seen.
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    Can I get a kitchen drinking water tap with just mains cold water
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    Corrosion on copper heating pipe in bathroom

    Then prime and paint the pipe.
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    Unvented vs vented HW cylinder?

    I would take into consideration that the older part of your heating system pipework might not take kindly to a higher pressure. Just sayin
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    GlowWork 30FF not turning on

    As this is a public forum, gas advice is not permitted, so best advice is to call a pro to diagnose and repair. It should be a simple fix.
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    GlowWork 30FF not turning on

    Be a bit more specific. Is it the Micron 30FF? Do you hear the fan running?
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    Bath waste trap

    A standard trap would be better, but those joints look to be solvent welded, and might prove difficult to remove.
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    New boiler Worcester Bosch Greenstar 15Ri, comments

    Good boiler as far as I'm concerned. I've had one for 7 years and there was a problem with the heat exchanger, which was replaced free of all charges under warranty.
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    Motorised valve replacement

    It depends on the make/model/age of the valve. Most modernish valves have a removeable head section. A picture would help.
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    Thermostatic Valve Identification

    I assumed that there may be the same TRV's fitted to other rads on your system.
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    Thermostatic Valve Identification

    Do you have the old head? Much easier to ID from the head.
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    What size pump pliers?

    A 12" pair of Channel Lock pump pliers is what I have always used. Never let me down. A spanner would not be my choice.
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    Replacing an Myson imperial rad - size dilemma

    A type 22 rad (double panel, double convector) piped up with fittings, or an extension piece would be my choice This is how I do mine. It would involve a rad valve change from the type you have.Untitled by 45yearsagasman posted 17 Nov 2011 at 12:38 PM
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    Combi boilers in cupboards

    Refer to the manufacturers instructions for clearances.
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    Wall mounted water heater fed from Combi boiler Maybe what you're looking for? Bit pricey. Shop around.