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    Vinyl paint as SECOND coat on fresh plaster

    I know you should not use vinyl paint as a first coat on fresh plaster and had assumed it should also not be used as a second coat either, but recently I have seen advise that it is OK as a second coat. Is this true? Can I use new plaster paint followed by two coats of vinyl?
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    Garage Conversion - Hybrid Flat Roof?

    So is it more of a you can do it there is no other option approach? I’m thinking now I will go with 90mm celotex leaving a 30mm ventilation gap and then work out what I do with the fascia later. Even if I have to plunge cut a channel all the way along the fascia at the top and add an above...
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    Garage Conversion - Hybrid Flat Roof?

    I have seen a few posts on this but never seen this design as a valid design on any website so just wanted to gauge opinion on whether this is valid or not. I am insulating a detached garage to use as a gym. The roof is a flat felt roof. The ceiling joists are 300mm apart and the fascia board...
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    Garage Conversion - How important is floor insulation

    I am converting a detached garage to be used as a gym/summerhouse and maybe in the distant future it could be used as an office but that is not definite. It isn't a habitable room and doesn't need BC approval. Windows/doors will bricked up or double glazed. I am insulating the walls and...