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  1. AngelesPlumbing

    Changing above ground gas main to underground

    don't be silly get ur local gas safe engineer give a ring and he will give u advice
  2. AngelesPlumbing

    System boiler external expansion vessel pressure

    so what is your concern? does prv letting by? or boiler shutting off? don't bother touching it nothing wrong with it. why just get a local plumber to service your boiler and ask the expansion vessel as well
  3. AngelesPlumbing

    Stuart Turner Monsoon Water Pump won't switch off

    when its fix get the cylinder check could be a lot of scales that what causing the problem
  4. AngelesPlumbing

    What pipe fitting for shower outlet elbow?

    yes remove it and 1/2 plug or cap. when making hole for tiles make sure u have space when taking the plug out
  5. AngelesPlumbing

    Pressure testing, drops from 6 to 5.8 bar...

    its fine, if it hold till tomorrow its ok
  6. AngelesPlumbing

    ACS advice

    Blackburn college, blackpool and the fydle college, btas training and assessment services, burnley college, east chesire training and assessment, flexigas training and assrssment services, hybrid technical services, icon training and assessment, Lancaster & Morecombe college, m65 gas, north west...
  7. AngelesPlumbing

    Installing a new bathroom - is this everything I need?

    u got what u pay for, cheaper it is the more bad it is
  8. AngelesPlumbing

    Worcester Greenstar

    all you can do is check pressure gauge at the boiler,check gas meter on? your boiler cover is terrible
  9. AngelesPlumbing

    Foul drain - minimum fall

    no further details
  10. AngelesPlumbing

    Boiler drain.

    do it properly by cut it off and put new pipe in, or botched it by CT1 silicone around joint
  11. AngelesPlumbing

    Alpha 32C Combi - Pressure Always Going Too High

    If you invest for a long run then get ur system flushed and put new boiler in but not Worcester, or try get gas engineer to have a look at it might be just need recharge EV.
  12. AngelesPlumbing

    How to secure pebble sink to surface

    done desame basin few months ago, I just put CT1 clear silicone and builders wipe to clean up. no call back atm
  13. AngelesPlumbing

    Squirrel Repellant

    Can we vote for referendum on grey squirrels
  14. AngelesPlumbing

    System losing pressure

    Time to phone your local plumber?
  15. AngelesPlumbing

    Can't remove Bath Waste??? Help please

    Easy to remove using pump pliers