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    Zanussi ZWD16270 washer / dryer with an E42 error code

    If the door wasn't closing prop you would get E41 to have E42 suggest's either the door switch itself or the wiring connections have burnt out at either end or if unlucky it can mean the triac on the main pcb has failed.
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    BEKO CDA565FW freezer/fridge cool but not freezing

    If the compressor is red hot then it's not the thermostat it's more likely to be a system failure (compressor weak or pipework in restriction) either way it wouldn't be worth repairing.
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    Zanussi DW917 door spring problem

    The two hinges come complete and as a kit I wouldn't bother just trying to replace the springs to access you just tilt it backwards against the worktop and remove the bottom plinth and the frame behind the bottom plinth remove securing screws and with a bit of a fiddle the whole hinge mechanism...
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    iphone 5s wont sync with bluetooth

    Hi I've just upgraded from an iphone 4 to an iphone 5s and now the new phone wont sync with my van's audio system for answering calls etc like my iphone 4 did up until I swapped it. I've a fairly new Renault kangoo and a work collegue tried his phone and that is fine. My phone is set to...
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    Beko washing machine

    Its very common on these for something (like a hair clip) to get past the filter and jam the pump. firstly ensure you unplug the appliance then you can access the filter easily depending on the model you either pull the filter flap down on bottom right corner or you unclip the front plinth which...
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    Moffat Oven

    It will be low insulation on one of the elements for sure . If a heating element is not used over time and you state you've not used it for two years it starts to absorb moisture from the air which in turn lower's its resistance to earth. I've been to many customers over the years that have...
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    Insulation panel for Samsung induction hob

    They just mean heat resistant board to prevent heat from damaging the main circuit board's within the hob plus with induction hob's normally you need to leave a gap between the oven (or in case the heat resistant board you install) and base of the hob and the back of the oven plus a small gap at...
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    Zanussi washing machine

    The inner drum on these have a lip which run's all along the out edge at the front so if anything drops down the gap between the inner drum and the door seal it get's trapped on this lip and wedge's the drum. sock's are also common for going down this gap. I tend to place the like's of a wire...
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    Do they make a free standing cooker - oven induction hob ?

    Zanussi is owned by Electrolux they like to just play around with the name's it's the same appliance though :wink: PS avoid the Beko at all cost's
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    Zanussi double oven in a tall BandQ unit., 10mm gap at top?

    Whats the model number are you sure you havn't bought a double oven that's only supposed to only be placed under the worktop read the installation instructions firstly and let us know
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    Do they make a free standing cooker - oven induction hob ?

    AEG appliances (now owned by the Electrolux group) produce a free standing one in 60cm width with stainless steel finish . Exspensive to repair out of warranty though so you may want to consider exstending the warranty on it if you go for one.
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    Instead of locking threads,, just ban Rogue Hanger the troll

    On that locked thread rogue one of his post's claims to have seen the site go downhill over the past year yet it says he only joined last month which beg's the question why the name change and who were you before :?:
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    American police chases?

    Your quite right we have the technology now surely that if a car gets reported stolen then a message could be sent to its ECU to disable it in a controlled way.
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    Whose fault is the flooding?

    Why do people buy house's in a potential flood plane??. They may get the house repaired when the flood's recede but for them it's a house for life as surely the market value has been wiped away overnight and on top of that no insurer will ever go near them again . So glad I live where I do.
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    Fridge thermostat

    The K59 is the type of stat so you carnt go by that but the L code is indeed relevant
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    Zanussi Progress 1200 W ZWF 1230 W - Pump Cover Stuck

    Something will of jammed the filter behind it I normally just have to use brute force when this happens .
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    car complaint letter

    I got one over on these . I bought a Toyota corolla of them once I agreed the deal which I was already happy with but then noticed something within the cars user manual which suggested it may of been a grey import when I Pointed this out they instantly knocked a further £1200 off the car which...
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    A second chance in life

    The police sargent looking after my case is named sargent Dick well had a doctor from my surgery phone me today to see how I was named Dr cox :lol: :lol: :lol: couldn't make it up.
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    Marks & Sparks hit a new low..

    I think its bad that by tradition we always trap cuckoo's in a clock and make them work on the hour every hour
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    A second chance in life

    Big all Im 40 And I guess that was one of the reasons Im still here but I wouldn't go as far as saying im now a born again Christian and ten hail marys an all that but I do feel Ive somehow been given a second chance in life . If anyone requires a stunt double Im happy to discuss terms . :lol: