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    Funny bugs on my lime tree

    chaps can someone have a look at the pictures and tell me what's gotten on my lime tree. The leaves are very sticky hopefully they will be clear enough to diagnose but if not I can take more TIA Richard##
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    VW Caddy indicators near side working only

    Chaps I have a 60 plate caddy maxi which only the near side indicators work. The offside wing indicator works normally but front and rear ones dont?. Same on hazard. The dash flashes rapidly like a lamp has failed. New lamps tried first btw. Any idea's on this as a fix? TIA Richard
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    Paul O'Grady

    Has he gone yet?: please please say yes!
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    New patio water run off advice needed :-)

    guy's we are in the process of designing a new patio to go with our new conservatory. Work starts next month attached is a picture of our plan but there is an issue which springs to mind namely drainage. As there side access gate is to be moved we want it to be ground level to outside...
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    pipe freezing kits

    we are looking at buying a ROTHENBERGER ROFROST 64030 can anyone tell me how many 15mm pipes with would do before the cans run out. We have 6 pipes at room temp to cap off under 2 bar pressure. tia Richard
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    resin floor

    Chaps looking to replace our Altro lino with a poured resin floor. Has anyone experience of these with regard to cost and durability? TIA Richard
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    wooden floor layers newbury area

    Can anyone recommend a company to come and quote to lay 60 sqm of oak either solid or engineered (as per their recommendation) TIA Richard Newbury Berkshire
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    What's me chances

    Hi back in 2001 we completed a single story extension to a double adding a conservatory. Now we want to increase the conservatory. Do we need Planning for this?
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    Smart meters

    Getting pestered by BG to change our gas meter to a SM. Should I be afraid?
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    buying original artwork

    Chaps I have the opportunity to buy an original (with providence) degas watercolour for my wife's birthday. I have been given a price but how on Earth can I verify it's true value???? TIA Richard
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    heatrae multipoint 30

    chaps got one of these with a drip out the bottom are they repairable?
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    Pressure washing system - how good ?

    Chaps we have an issue with a client who had his building power washed through. That was in january. now he has switched the system back on and the pump failed. We changed the pump head but whilst fitting an additional isolation valve noticed quite a heavy build up of sludge in the system...
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    changing glass - how to remove trim to measure???

    Chaps I have tried to remove the trim to measure the glass for a replacement. I have tried to ease it away from the window and towards the centre but I am damaging the trims and they remain steadfast TIA Richard
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    access Dell laptop remotely from nexus 7

    chaps looking towards my once a decade holiday I need to access my laptop which will be staying at home with my newly acquired Nexus 7 My plan is to keep my lappy up on on so when I need to I can access it from the pool with the Nexus. i would need to browse old emails, photos pdfs' word...
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    New front door

    chaps we're looking to replace the front door. We have gone and looked at reasonably decent composite doors (Solidor and Rocal) and whilst we like them as in 'yes it's a door' at 1.5k fitted we certainly don't love them. We much prefers wood but my worry is that our front door gets a...
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    Split neutral

    Chaps I was watching a sparks last week and he was removing an old bit of kit on 3 p&n 20a supply on 6mm cable 15m run but really difficult access and fitting 3 x singles 1 x 10a 2 x 16a. H said he did not want to rewire from the board as it was a rush job to get the new stuff up and...
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    electric shower local isolation

    Chaps before the sparks come round in a week or so I am wondering where the local isolator can be sited. It seems it can be internally to the bathroom via a pull cord or externally I believe 'easily accessible' Now we'd like the switch to be in the airing cupboard on the back face which is...
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    distribution board power meter

    chaps Job is to install 6 a/c units in Bradford. Firstly just to be 100% clear we have to use a certified electrician so I'm not looking to get it done by us using your assistance. my local electrician who assisted on the costing but isn't really interested in doing the job as he's v...
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    new gas cooker uneven cooking

    chaps we have just replaced our old smeg electric oven for a new kenwood gas one. The smeg had a fan assisted but this new one hasn't and we're finding the cooking is very uneven. The bottom of the dish/tray burns whilst the top is still undercooked. a cottage pie will come out burnt on the...
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    new extension

    My neighbour is building a new extension on the rear which will adjoin our party wall. he has suggested it will be a timber frame single story and as such he doesn't need proper foundations as a concrete slab will suffice. is that correct and if so should I have any concerns about the slab...