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    Help with UPVC door latch

    The lever on my UPVC door latch has broken. Is it called anything other than a lever Latch? I have googled lever Latch but unable to find anything similar. Thanks in advance.
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    Fused spur-lighting Question

    Hello good people, I want to install an under stairs light. Can I use power from an existing 3 amp fused spur (which provides power to our alarm system) It would just be a single gang light switch and ceiling rose. Thankyou.
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    Drayton central heating programmer

    Will a Drayton LP 811 programmer be a straight swop for a B Gas UP2 I have a conventional boiler Thanks.
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    Heating programmer

    Some help please. I have a problem with my boiler firing up with a call for heat from the programmer. Conventional boiler, potterton Promax HE with a UP2 British Gas programmer. I noticed if the HW timer was on and not firing up if I scrolled through the Heating setting by pressing the select...
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    Megaflow system

    Hello everyone, I need to reinstate the air bubble in the hot water tank and also reinstate the air pressure in my Expansion Vessel as I need to fit a new Schrader valve. My question do I need to carry these two tasks in any particular order or does it not make any difference. Thanks in advance
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    Megaflow expansion vessel

    Hello everyone, Bit of advice would be appreciated. My Expansion vessel has recently been looked at by B Gas, the Engineer re inflated to 0.7bar via the Schrader valve and the water pressure was set at 1.2 bar. This is because the water pressure kept on falling on the pressure gauge and I was...
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    Gard Tec 13 CPX

    After far too many false alarm actuations, usually in the early hours, I would like some advice please. Is there anyway to isolate the sounders permanently or would it necessitate powering off the alarm system to achieve this? I understand this is an open forum and you may not wish to offer that...
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    Gard Tec eurosec 13 cpx

    Hello everyone, I have the above house alarm. Can anyone tell me how to silence the internal sounder, don't won't to isolate the door chimes or the external sounder and strobe just the internal. Many thanks I have the Engineers code.
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    Potterton Pro Max HE issue

    Would really appreciate some assistance. Intermittent fault where my boiler is not firing up every time with call to heat from CH or HW. Boiler has been serviced, the igniter cleaned, the CH and HW actuator heads and valves have been replaced, still not fixed the problem. I would say the problem...
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    RCD keeps tripping

    Hello, RCD is tripping when I move the room stat to (call for heat). Conventional boiler, Mega Flow system, was having intermittent fault with the motorised valve where the boiler wasn't flashing up to supply hot water, removed the MV a few weeks ago fitted a new one and wired it in only to find...
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    Garage lights

    Hello Turned the isolation switch off on the garage consumer unit for the lighting circuit, 3 outside security lights, fluorescent lighting inside the garage, due to replacing an outside SL bulb and now the light switch in the garage for the fluorescent lights is working the opposite way. Any...
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    Motorised valve

    Hello, I need to replace the 2 port motorised valve assembly on my heating system. The current motorised valve has the following id numbers 40003916-001, it is the six wired version, is this a V4043 I need ? I have a heatrae sadia mega flow heating system with a Potterton pro max HE boiler...
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    Eurosec 13 CPX Alarm

    Hello everyone Inherited the above alarm system it has now actuated twice in the early hours (typical) driving us and the neighbours nuts , shows Diner as the problem I believe it may be the wireless( are they called PIR detectors?) I have tried calling the installer/alarm engineer, not...
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    Help with hot water temperature

    Hello, I have a Potterton Promax 24 HE boiler doesn't have any temp control on it, the only temp gauge is on the side of the hot water tank but only has numbers not temperature so I don't know what they relate to or if it is set at the correct temp. Picture of temp gauge shown. I have a Mega...
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    Shower enclosure help please

    Hello everyone, About to fit a Homebase 900x 900 two sided bi- fold door shower enclosure onto a Mira shower tray. The instruction booklet suggests assembling then lifting onto the tray marking up then removing and drilling etc. This would be impossible for one difficult for two and three...
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    Fixing a shower cubicle to tiled plasterboard

    Hello everyone, As the title says would be extremely grateful for some assistance. I have 10mm thick 600x300 ceramic tiles fitted to moisture board and I need to secure the shower cubicle which sits on top of the shower tray to the wall. I was going to use red rawl plugs 6mm drill and push the...
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    Where to start tiling

    Hello everyone Really appreciate some advice. I have a small en-suite approx. 6' 6'' square immediately to the left as you walk in through the door is the window approx 3' 6'' x 4' other than that featureless a square room. It has all been re plastered and basically a shell I have looked on...
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    Tile adhesive etc

    Hello everyone, Ready for tiling my en suite now and some advice would be greatly appreciated. Tiles will be fixed to moisture board walls and chipboard floor, floor very solid and screwed down well no movement at all, would you recommend a sealer? I will be using 600x300mmx 10mm ceramic...
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    Moisture board tape help please

    Really appreciate some advice please. I will be tiling onto tapered moisture board in a bathroom part metal stud wall and part dot and dab. My question is about taping the joints. Which tape/scrim would you recommend as I have seen orange fibre glass mesh self adhesive dry wall tape or...
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    Shower tray help please

    Hello all Following advice on this forum I have bought a Mira Flight shower tray to be fitted on a chipboard floor. I have ordered a riser kit as I have to fit the waste above floor level. I have just looked at the tray and it is a low profile tray my fault as I wasn't specific. I can't...