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    fully pumped or gravity fed

    Hi, Looking at the pics would someone be able to tell me which type of CH i have, just moved to a new house and I have a Hortsmann centaurplus c27 programmer which looks to be set to gravity fed, meaning i cant have CH and HW on individually, I have the jumper switch to set it to fully pumped...
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    Alpha CD28C Losing Pressure - no leaks

    Hi All, Been through many different posts but not managed to resolve my problem. After being topped up to 1 bar I need to refill after approximately 7-10 days. Got an Alpha CD28C with the premierpack, no leaks at the rads, been under the wooden floors and no leaks in the pipework, no air...
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    damp patches in loft - flashing need replaced?

    I have some damp patches in the corners of the ceiling and on the walls of my loft, i've had a look out through the velux window and taken a few pictures, there looks to be gaps in the lead flashings in places like the lead has shrunk and it looks to be corroded, not sure if this is the cause...
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    Shower enclosure waste problem

    Hi guys, No match for my problem using the search facility so here goes. Had my complete bathroom replaced recently, all ok apart from shower enclosure waste, i bought one with a built in hair trap, with the shower running the water just about drains away with a little build up, but once i...
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    New Bathroom

    Hi Guys, I am looking to have a new bathroom fitted : old tiles removed walls replastered if required new tiles fitted around splashback areas of bath, sink and shower new shower enclosure fitted new shower fittings (keep original shower unit\pump whatever its called as its a grohe...
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    New Back Door

    Hi guys, I would like your opinion on a quote i received for a new PVC rear door, its like the one shown but without the blue glass, also included in the quote is a toplight with a rose in stained glass and fitting. I was quoted £780, does this seem competitive or is it too much?
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    Vokera excel 80E

    Hi guys, I have yet another problem with this boiler of mine, it has now developed a leak, only when the hot water is being called for though (hot tap on, shower on etc), when cold water is used there is no leak. Below is a picture of where the leak is coming from, it is coming from...
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    Leaking kitchen mixer tap

    Hi all, I have a leaking mixer tap in the kitchen (just in time to ruin my bank holiday). The problem is i cant find how to remove the tap from the body to even comtemplate changing o-rings etc, i keep reading about nuts needing to be unscrewed, but i cant seem to see one on this tap...
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    Making a fireplace hole bigger

    I recently had a corgi reg'd fitter remove and cap off an old gas fire in my dining room, i am now looking to fit a decorative cast iron repro fireplace in its place. The problem i have is that the fireplace i wish to buy needs a bigger hole that what is currently there, the hole is deep...
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    Leaking Pegler Terrier TRV's

    Hello again experts, Here's my system details Vokera Excell 80E Combi TRV's on all rad's apart from bathroom Had my gas solenoid<spelling?> replaced and boiler serviced this week, (don't know if relevant). My problem is with a small drip coming from 2 of my TRV's, it appears that the...
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    vokera excell 80e - please help

    hi all, i am no more than a novice when it comes to this so please go easy, sorry if theres too much info here but i just want to get it all listed to help with a diagnosis. I couldnt find an exact answer using the search facility. i have a problem with this boiler, i woke up this morning to...