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  1. jpuk

    honeywell room stat upgrade help

    i would like some help with upgrading my old honeywell t40 room stat to the digital dt90e as there are 4 wires on the old stat and only 3 on the new one any help would be great,John
  2. jpuk

    4 wires to 3 wires on a pir floodlight help

    I decided to change our outside pir floodlight for an led one as it's 20 years old problem i have is there are 4 wires going to a terminal block earth,red,blue,yellow but the new led light has only 3 wires blue,red and earth hw do i wire it up here is a picture of the old wiring.John
  3. jpuk

    wet room drain cover help

    not sure if anyone can help but i need to find this cover for my wife's disabled wet room as it is superglued together and i need to replace it,i don't have a make or anything ,cheers,John
  4. jpuk

    fitting a new brass switch

    i need some help please fitting a new brass single switch it also controls the landing light,at present the old white switch has L1 grey,L2 brown and black common,on the brass switch it has 2 blue and 2 brown terminals so not sure if it can or how to wire it,thanks in advance,put a couple of...
  5. jpuk

    need to replace my faulty WB 24cbi

    I need some sound advice please,my worcester bosch 24cbi is only 8 years old and is need of another heat exchanger !! i have had 3 already but this time i'm gonna replace it but WHICH boiler ? i was thinking of WB greenstar 40cdi regular ? but have lost a bit of confidence in WB as a...