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    Thoughts of Geo-fix

    A merchant reccommended that I as it was my first time to lay a garden path (laying sandstone), I should consider geo-fix for the pointing (apparently this takes minutes rather than hours to lay). Does anyone have a feel for the downside of using geo-fix? Does it last? Does it weather well...
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    Unexplained water on bathroom floor

    This morning there was a puddle of water near the sink, and splattering in the area around the sink. There was no sign of leakage from the roof, the taps where off, but there was a few drips coming from the under the counter top. On drying the floor, no more water has appeared, and on running...
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    Tile line too high over the flat roof

    Guys, We're almost complete on replacing the tiles on our roof but I'm a little concerned about the work done. In the areas where the pitch roof meets the flat roof, the tile line ends at least 15 cm above the flat section and in some places up to 20 cm. Best case, for me it's a little...
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    PVA additive.

    Hi, Is there anything I can add to a PVA/water mix (50/50) to make it harder once dry. I've seen powders that can be added to cement. Would these do?
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    Detecting Electric underfloor heating cables.

    I need to knock a few holes through the screed that is covering the under floor heating cables. Anyone have any idea how I successfully locate the cables so I can avoid damaging them? Cheers.
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    Running armoured power cable above ground.

    Hi, I need to have the power cables run to a studio at the bottom of my garden (about 50 meters) and I wanted to know whether the cables could be legally run above ground along the fence. Cheers,
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    Self levelling laser.

    Hi, I'd like to get hold of a decent self levelling laser level and was wondering if anyone has any recommedations? One of those gadgets that draw horizontal and vertical lines. Cheers.
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    Electric floor heating - what should I expect.

    Guys, I have the mats down and laying in about 10mm of screed. I have four mats totalling 28 square meters. After the system had been on for 35 mins, the floor was no longer cold, but also didn't feel warm (like the demo systems they always have in the tile shops). What should my expectations...
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    Megaflow - Why so expensive to install.

    Discarding the price of the megaflow, the lowest I've been quoted for installing one is about 1600 quid (inc VAT). This is in KENT (bromley area). Is this the best I can hope for?
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    SceneStyle 4 (2 Way)

    Hi, Has anyone installed a couple of these with a two way configuration. I bought a couple after being told I can (I'd like to turn the dining light on in the dining area and immediately as you enter the kitchen). However, my electrician can't figure it out, and the supplier is no help...
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    6mm latex screen poured to 10mm

    Help. I've poured a latext screed to a depth of 10 mm, the bag said 6mm, but what the hell I though!!! It's cracking like there's no tomorrow. Would it be doing this anyway, or should I expect worse to come?
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    Large fire hoods

    My electrician will not install my spot lights without firehoods (they are large (L505 W185 H172), but for the life of me, I can't find any (not quite true, I found some fire cages, but they have to be put in from above, which is not an option - above is a new tiled floor). Can anyone help me?
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    Megaflow V Combi boiler.

    Which one should I go for? The current condensor boiler and cylinder are sighted in the garage.
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    New combi boiler installation.

    I've just installed a new combi boiler. What documention do I need to obtain from the plumber, to prove the installation was done correctly and professionally?
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    Latex screed is cracking.

    I've just laid a latex screed over electric matt underfloor heating (about 8-10 mm). The matt sits on top of insulation boards (10mm), which in turn sits on top of a concrete floor). The latex screed has cracked in multiple places and if I press hard with my foot, I'm not certain, but I think...
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    What is part P?

    I have a wayward electrician, but my builder wont get rid of him because "I won't be part P certified". I this nonsense. Surely I can just get another compliant electrician to finish the job off.
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    Wiring in underfloor heating.

    The electric matts are already laid out and all of the parts have been provided. All this guy needs to do is wire in two thermostats and make the connection to two spurs. Is 330 Quid + VAT taking the ****?
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    Wiring in underfloor heating.

    The electric matts are already laid out and all of the parts have been provided. All this guy needs to do is wire in two thermostats and make the connection to two spurs. Is 330 Quid + VAT taking the ****?
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    Do I need an insulation layer for my underfloor heating

    Hi, I'm installing electric underfloor heating in my kitchen and dinning room (same room effectively, dining room is in a new extension). As I'm using the mat system, do I need an extra layer of insulation under the mat (I was thinking about using the 10mm boards), or would the mat give me...
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    Elektra underfloor heating.

    Has anyone used Elektra underfloor heating, and if yes, would you recommend it?