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    Reillo G40 burner locking out after at least an hour.

    Good afternoon Ladies and Gents, I have a customer whose boiler locks out periodically after at least one hour. My initial thought was the oil supply and checked that and the filter, replaced nozzle and oil supply hose. Ran fine, obviously I can't wait for it to not work. Pump pressure was...
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    Baxi Combi 105e DHW fine CH not so good

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice. I'm GSR, been repairing the above boiler for a few weeks. Problem after problem. So far I have replaced the diverter valve, APS, Pressure gauge and PCB. DHW great, CH comes on runs for approx five minutes then cuts out. Rads get aired but that's it. Was...
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    Elusive gas cock service isolation valve part

    Hi All I have a leaking gas cock for a Thorn Olympic boiler. I have looked at the MIs, they show the part in the spares but not the part number. Does anyone have an idea how I might get it, as the phone numbers on the MI's no longer exist. Thanks in advance
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    Grandee 15/22 Wall mounted Oil boiler, smoking from electric

    Hi all Here's one for you. Called to the above boiler, wasn't firing. On inspection, the reset button was lit, so reset it. Fan then cut out. Took cover off, water seemed to be coming from the baffle cover, looked above it and spotted that the Auto air vent was open so close it. Dried...
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    Eurocal / Ecoflam 70/90 oil boiler intermittent lock out

    HI Folks Been to the above boiler, customer complained of intermittent lockout sometimes it would reset sometimes not. Replaced the danfoss solenoid, fired it up. Ran for 30 (ish) seconds, stopped firing (fan still running) couple of seconds later, fires up again etc. Oil is there, filters...
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    Worcester Bosch 18/25 oil fired boiler trips electrics

    Hi all Boiler has just started tripping the electrics, fan starts ok, soon as it goes to fire. Electric trips. Initially I thought it was the pump. But alas no. Sounds more expensive. Any ideas greatly welcomed. Thanks in advance
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    Gloworm Economy Plus 50 B groaning then stopping

    Hi all Anyone had experience with a gloworm ep50b, firing up ok, running for about five minutes flow pipe starts vibrating/groaning, boiler cuts out for about 30 seconds then relights for a further 30 approx, repeat. Tried Fernox silencer, no change, wondering if it is pipework scaled up as...
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    Fitting a DT92E to Promax FSB 30

    Hi all I've just been asked to fit a Honeywell DT92E to a Potterton Promax 30 FSB. It has a BP2000 programmer and Honeywell centre. It does not have a user thermostat fitted hence the DT92E. I have racked my brains staring at the Honeywell Manual hoping for some lightbulb to go off in my...
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    Beko A class Frost Free, keeps freezing!!!

    Hi all new to this, I have a Beko Frost free, free standing, fridge ferezer. Recently the fan in the freezer compartment has been making a noise. On closer inspection it is the fan blades rubbing against a build of ice. :? The back of the freezer now has a large build up of ice. Is there...