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    Cost of building Garage... 27K?

    A brickie for £90.00 a day in London ???? I'm in Norfolk and i wouldn't get out of bed for anything less than £150.00 a day.
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    Foundations and Slump

    i was alwasy told that 4-2-1 equates to 5-1 when using pre mix ballast. A foundation isnt there to strengthen the ground,its go give you a solid and stable "foundation"
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    Rafter Insulation

    ive just completed a loft conversion and the BCO told me some insulation is required between the rafters no matter thickness goes under the rafter.cant remember the reason for this at the moment.
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    bricks with frog

    doing what youre doing then filling the frog prior to laying makes full filling the top joint so much easier.
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    Rafter Insulation

    you can put less insulation between the rafters and more under the rafters if thats possible in your case.saves the depth of under battening needed. you will need the 50mm air gap no matter what. you dont need to change your existing felt if there is adequate ventilation.adding soffitt...
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    Front of house

    beware of plastic cladding,i went to look at a job last week that had timber cladding changed to plastic cladding and now they have horrendous condensation problems inside.admittedly its a single brick construction.
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    To felt roof or not ?

    why mend something that aint broken.i would felt your roof only when it leaks and if you dont touch the tiles then it shouldnt leak,assuming its not leaking at the moment. If you do felt it,make sure you use breathable felt.
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    soakaway, membrane and running pipes to

    no membrane except on top of the rubble etc.then concrete on top 100mm wil do and then make sure you have enough topo soil on top if its in a garden can use any bends you want ona rainwater pipe run.
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    Garage conversion roof insulation.

    not as easy as that if its a flat roof with no soffit overhang.
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    Attaching Porch Roof Frame to Wall

    should work as long as you get a good fix into the brick and cant see why you wouldnt.
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    Rotten base of 6' fence post. What to do?

    i took my posts,turned them upside down,put them into the metal post holes,refixed the panels and cut the top off the top of the post.the post has to be quite a bit higher than the panel in the first place to be able to do this.
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    Internal doorsets, opinions please?

    not seen the ones over here but i did fit a couple of external door/frame combo's or whatever you wanna call them in the states a few years back and found it pretty easy considering they were the first id seen. we seem to be more american than english these days.
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    To buy or not to buy? re roof

    depends on the not judging the quote,but would always get 3
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    Thinking about wooden flooring

    i can think of more exciting things to think about :lol: sorry.
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    Digging footings

    unless youre erecting a few posts :lol: :lol:
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    To buy or not to buy? re roof

    cant see much from the pics but i would make sur ei knew what was needed before committing to buy,its obvious the roof has failed at the point where the tiles are not sitting right but what the damage is inside the roof i dont know. the gap between the chimneys could be a bodged attempt at...
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    Setting Out for walls

    buy a square
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    Digging footings

    do you think a digger that light would move clay though???.im with the kango with a spade end myself.
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    is 120mm x 20mm ok to use as a door frame?

    my measurements were for standard size doors of today.didnt realise you had anything differnet. measure your doors and add on 3-5mm for the head plus 2 thicknesses of the lining can cut the height to suit your doors on site if you get them slightly over sized. I.E.if you door...
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    i think i may have asbestos in mykitchen

    theres probably asbestos in the coving,artex,paint etc etc etc.