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    Removal of toilet flush valve

    I have an Impulse 'Cascade' toilet cistern (oval push button). There is water leaking slowly into the toilet pan and a small 10 second flush happens every 30 minutes or so as the level drops. I suspect the washer at the base of the flush valve unit needs renewal. Is this flush valve removable...
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    Removal of upvc door locking gearbox

    Neighbour having trouble locking his door. Key does not turn smoothly and sometimes sticks completely (whether door is open or closed). Removed Euro cylinder which tested ok with key turning smoothly each way. Now thinking it may be the internal gearbox at fault as handles seem very floppy and...
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    BOSCH MAXX Tapping noise when spinning

    Had this machine trouble free for ten years - so can't really complain. Recently it has developed a tapping noise which gets faster and louder as the spin speed increases (doesn't happen on wash cycles, only when the drum begins to rock when spinning). Took top off and checked that nothing was...