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    Exterior varnish and woodstain. Wot's the Difference

    I am soon to recoat doors and windows to keep the natural wooden look (ie not paint) Sadolin calls their products "woodstain" How does that differ from "varnish" ?? How can i tell what is already coating the windows or doors. What would happen if I was to recoat sadolin woodstain...
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    Prep for wood garage door; only the bottom edge is tired

    I have a wooden garage door with a natural wood varnish / woodstain finish Only the bottom edge has started flaking What prep do you recommend to do an adequate job i.e. do i need to strip back to wood all over or just make the flaky bit sound, key the rest and recoat? Cheers
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    Kitchen floor wood effect; Karndean, Amitico or what?

    Hi Replacing an old T&G pine floor with vinyl around units, in a kitchen. I still would like a wood floor effect that is water resistant. I have been recommended Kardean or Amtico. Doing some research, I saw someone said for Amtico you are meant to strip it after laying and apply...
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    FIX or BIN electric shower

    Hello My electric shower is becoming somewhat unreliable. Suddenly mid shower it will start to get very hot Or suddenly the pressure drops off Can these things be fixed or is it just time to replace it? Thanks
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    Flooring ideas for kitchen/living space; contrast or uniform

    Hi In my cosy one bed victorian top floor flat i have a kitchen about 13ft x 11ft. The kitchen is a linear one down just one side of the wall, giving a reasonable living space in the rest of the room with a fireplace. I like this concept for maximum flexibility of the room; so its not just a...
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    Electric towel rail heater how long to install?

    Hi i want a spark to install a towel rail heater in the shower room How long should this job take approximately? One geezer said it could take up to 8 hours. The consumer unit is the other side of the wall to which rail will be placed so not much cabling to do...
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    Vinyl over T&G floating floor; temporary solution?

    Hi My kitchen (11ft x 13 ft) is due a refurb but for logistical and financial reasons cannot be done for at least a year. The flooring left by previous occupant is varished tongue and groove in the dining area, over wooden floor boards. I think it was probably done about 10 years ago or...
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    Is extractor fan tested under periodic inspection report?

    As routine, is a bathroom extractor fan tested for safety as part of a periodic inspection report? Or do you have to ask sparky for another test to make sure its safe? Is it easy to do for the sparky? How often should they be tested in a commercial situation (ie office toilets) Thanks
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    Victorian rubble wall cannot support radiator; what what to

    I had some very old blocked rads in first floor flat lounge replaced with new. Some pressure was exerted on a heavy rad by somebody who shall remain nameless and basically the rad fixing came away and the plaster came off in a lump with some rubble/stone attatched. The building is...
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    Zinsser Bullseye 123 peeling on ceiling; depressed

    I have a distemper ceiling and I washed off what came of easily with hot soapy water and a scourer about 5 times, but there is still some really hard stuff not wanting to move, so I used Zinsser Bullseye 123 as a primer sealer as was recommended by Brewers. A week later i am filling a few...
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    Flush fire doors; creative ideas

    I have a tiny hallway with 4 flush fire doors in close proximity. Does anybody have any good creative ideas they have seen, to make them look more interesting, without it looking like a 'changing rooms' makeover gone wrong I do not want the cost or hassle of replacing them.
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    Architrave stripping/filling conundrum

    I am preping architrave for painting. The property is listed so I want to keep original architrave It has previously been painted very poorly with gloss. The last layer has not stuck very well. There are about 6 layers; the final one being a very dark stain or glaze. In parts all six layers...
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    Laminated Worktop: Gap between sink cut-outs

    With strength in mind is 100mm enough gap in worktop between two single sink/drainer cutouts; 800mm long each Thanks
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    Supermatt best for ceiling under loft?

    I have washed off distemper from my ceiling which is below the insulated loft space of victorian townhouse. The plaster skim is white, sub plaster is dark grey; seems sound but there are very very fine cracks in the skim Due to the distemper i will be sealing with Dulux super grip primer...
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    BT cable along skirting; caulk it?

    Doing some decorating There is a BT cable running halfway along skirting board; which tends to create a dust trap ; Is it a good idea to caulk over the surface so it merges the cable with the skirting board and does not create a dust trap? What do members suggest? Thanks
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    Distemper under flaking ceiling paint?

    In my new flat I had noticed flaking paint on the ceiling. The general finish of the outer paint surface was slightly rippled The ceiling paint comes away really easily in large pieces with a scraper (very theraputic) The rippling seems to be the powdery layer underneath the outer paint...
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    Econ 7 not connected to immersion heater; does it matter??

    Our one bed flat is all electric. (We are yet to move in) We have economy 7 storage heaters and a regular sized hw tank with immersion heater. A PIR detected that the imersion heater is on day rate electric only. The flat has an electric shower (no bath) . So we will never have demand for...
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    The lazy way to refreshing already varnished floorboards

    My new place (yet to move into) has stripped floorboards. I can't say they are that attractive. The varnish seems to make them look a bit yellowy. I would prefer something darker, but I am lazy and do not wish to strip them right back to bare wood. What is the cheats way to tidy up...
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    Acrylic based paint or standard emulsion on old plaster

    Moving into a top floor flat in an old building, georgian or early victorian. Effectively rooms in the roof. The walls are curved following the roof line, with dormer windows. I suspect the ceiling plaster and internal plaster on outside wall is quite old. If I use an an acrylic based...
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    Kitchen base units and boxing in along walls

    I'm anticipating purchasing kitchen units to fit along a wall where there is boxing in of pipework at floor level along the wall. The boxing in is 10cm high and 8cm out from the wall. Do pre-made carcasses have their legs in standard positions? Is it easy to adjst the legs to allow for...