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    Constant Toilet Leak

    Hi All, I have very little plumbing knowledge so would like to apologise in advance for my ignorance !! Our main bathroom toilet has a constant flow (albeit little) of water from the tank at the top to the pan. It flows through the general channel i.e. under the upper rim where there are...
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    Toilet blocked with kitchen tissue's

    Hi all, Our downstairs WC is blocked with kitchen tissue. I know this as (a) we only use the downstairs toilet for number ones and (b) I am the culprit who threw the kitchen tissues (brand = Plenty) into the toilet, silly me ! It has been blocked since Saturday. Upon flushing (using either...
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    Kitchen Drawer Runner Replacement for Soft Close

    Hi All, My mother-in-law would like to have a soft close on her kitchen drawers. I have already fitted dampers for her kitchen cabinets but am not sure what to look for, nor where to start with regards to the drawer runners. She currently has the standard runners (house was built circa 2005...
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    Downlight bulb replacement

    Hi All, I require help/advice on how to replace spot/downlights in our landing. We have just moved in to a new house, which was built in 2006 and the light fittings are flush within the ceiling, but the actual bulbs are not (i.e. further lower than fitting). The bulbs themselves are in a very...
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    Sludge in Central Heating System

    Hi all, I hope you can provide me with some advice please ! We have encoutered sludge in our system ever since we moved into the property in 2005. It was built in 2000, so is relatively new. We are currently running on a standard boiler (not combi etc) I have had 7/8 different plumbers...