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    Candy Grand O Washing Machine - Model GO 482/2-80

    Does anybody know the error codes for this washing machine. I am having problems with it - it won't go into spin mode, the drum just turns. Its pumping out ok. but just drains and stops and I am getting an error code of 16 flashes. Anyone know what fault this indicates?
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    Candy Grand O 482/2-80 Fault Codes

    Does anyone have the fault codes for my Candy Washing Machine? I've just replaced the PCB and NTC probe, its going through a programme but didn't seem to be heating! However at the end of the programme it was flashing on the 90min mark and the stain button at intervals of 14. :?
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    Another Candy Washing Machine problem!

    Hi there, I'm a newby to DIYnot. I have a Candy Model: GO482/2-80 3100306509360386 washing machine giving problems. I've had it just on a year. Whatever program I select (apart from spin) the machine takes on water from both compartments and starts to heat up instantly to the highest...