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    Baxi combi

    I have a center (which I believe is a honeywell 707 clone) thermostat wired to a Baxi platinum 32 combi. Do I take the four wires from the thermostat and simply wire them into the Tado wireless receiver
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    ring lighting

    cant replace ring type make flush spot lights into ceiling after pulling out becauuse of water leak can ne 1 describe how 2 refit holder into hole spring clip asembley
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    shower woe

    recently changed cord to ceiling pullswitch. supply L/N load L/N neon connected to load when pull switch on neon glows Turn shower on neon goes out and no indiator on shower any ideas ....i need a wash[/img]
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    Double pole switch

    shower indictor neon has become disconnected from main switch how do i rewire the wires back have load L/N and suppy L/N
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    New taps

    forgive me if this sounds stupid but i have a combi heating system do i just turn off the mains to change taps.
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    would like to have a radiator fitted to go into new Conservatory but heating engineer has said that new regulations forbid this is this true or is he just fobbin me off to keep the job simple
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    kitchen units

    Recently put up new wall units in kitchen but her who always knows best says there too low.Is there a standard height between worktop and bottom of units that should be followed or is it 'what suits' goes. :evil:
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    builder said my bouncing floorboards need slate wedges inserted any ideas why.
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    Really springy floorboards cds even jump nothings been lifted any ideas ?