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    Cost of Parquet.

    Hi, I'm trying to budget for a parquet floor. Could anyone give me an idea of an approximate figure for what is costs to parquet a square metre? It's just so that I can work out a rough guide cost. Thing is that I've had a guy come in and quote for lifting the current engineered board floor...
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    liquid dpm or not?

    Whats anyones view on liquid damp proof membranes, eg like Stopgap? Are they any good? and would you glue a hardwood floor down onto one? Thx!
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    Parquet Block Flooring

    Hi, I'm having a incompetently installed oak floor replaced and want a professional job done this time. So could anyone recommend a very good parquet floor installation company in the South-East (uk). I really need one that specialises in parquet block floors (blocks not panels) rather...
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    Sundial Y Plan

    Hi, My central heating system has the honeywell sundial y plan setup with a 3 position diverter valve. The valve is automatic but it also has a manual lever. But the lever has no markings/writing on it to tell you which way it should be left? Any ideas? Ta.
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    Gaps in wallpaper seams.

    Hi, The decorating company I'm using is busy wallpapering our newly renovated house but the wallpaper seams keep gapping. I asked the hanger and he said that maybe the house was too cold and that a dehumidifier would help. I rang his boss and he said that a dehumidifier was a bad idea and a...
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    Radiator air vents.

    Hi, I'm fitting some B&Q radiators ( with manual valves. The instructions say that the water must enter the radiator at the corner diagonally opposite the air vent. I've not encountered this requirement before when...
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    Problem painting a skimmed wall.

    I'm having a problem painting a wall that was skimmed about 2 months ago. I used a general purpose primer but when it dried it cracked in areas and peeled away in thin flakes. I've removed the flakes and sanded those areas back to a clean surface and repainted with a primer that...
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    Poorly installed hardwood floor - advice please!

    Apologies for the long post but I've got a real problem here :cry: so any advice from flooring experts would be very gratefully received! My wife and I are renovating a house. We had oak flooring in our old flat and wanted it in on the ground floor of the house. I was worried though because the...
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    Putting in a driveway on a steep incline.

    Hi, My house is on a relatively steep piece of land without a driveway up to it. I'd like to get a driveway put in but I don't know how to go about it. My builder said he would need plans to do it so I asked a local architect firm but they said they didn't really do that kind of...
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    Gledhill Torrent Indirect & Dunsley Baker Neutraliser.

    Does anyone know of any problems in using a dunsely neutraliser with a gledhill indirect torrent (T130)? My plumber is trying to hook our existing oil boiler, a new multifuel stove and a new gledhill torrect indirect together via a neutraliser, but he's concerned that the combination of...
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    Amp and cable question.

    Hi, I'm buying a Falcon range cooker. It's rated at 15.2 kw and will be sited about 10 meters from the fusebox. Could anyone here tell me what amp fuse it will need? Is it kw=v*a (i.e. 66amps)? Also what size cable will it need? The cable FAQ doesnt go that high. Thanks.[/url] MOD...