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    Double Glazing with BONES!

    Hi there the front elevation of my property is single glazed and i am looking to have it double glazed bit by bit. I have had a quote for a flush sash window, but noticed it doesnt seem to have, what i refer to as ‘bones’ running horizontally and vertically between the windows. The glazing man...
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    Ye olde whirlpool bath...light

    Good Morning I am trying to source a replacement light housing for a rather old whirlpool bath It looks like the picture below Thus far have only found to fit hole sizes of 40 mm and above and daren’t cut hole in the bath. Any suggestions please?
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    Coping stones round balcony parapet..double or single weathered

    I am having some coping stones fitted around a parapet wall around a balcony.( we have had a bit of weather based water ingress last year) Am wondering if double weathered or single would be would the double make the rain go down outside of the wall and cause more trouble there? Also...
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    Roofer says Not to Glue Promenade Tiles on a Balcony

    Am looking to potentially relay my balcony. A roofer (checkatrade approved) sent a quote, but didnt mention tiles . When i rang to ask him, he said we could keep the ones we have if we want and they would just ‘lay them back on top’ At the moment they are fixed down with black stuff...
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    Upvc do you Fit the alarm sensor on

    Hi there i have a wooden patio door..single, and am changing it to a upvc one. My existing one has an alarm built in to it with two magnet type thing that comnect when you close the door. The double glazing rep says they wont fit these for me when they come (i thought they might make doors with...
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    Can Bricks Leak?...Am puzzled

    I have a flat balcony roof, with a layer of blue bricks around the edge. We have some water ingress, which bizarrely seems to be coming from the bricks, down into the garage, and also into the adjoining room. We have had 3 roofers who have said different things... Roofer bricks...
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    Not quite wood but working out blind measurements at 90 degrees

    Good Morning Ithink wood experts may be able tohelp me I am trying to get some blinds made for an alcove window so i can fit them myself and save circa 300 pounds Problem is, i cant work out how to measure them The thing is , there is one large picture window at 225 cm and a window either side...
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    Should felt back carpet be glued to good underlay-or will it ruin it?

    hi there I have got excellent quality underlay but am looking to change the carpet as have changed colour scheme I have never had felt backed carpet before but the supplier and fitter said they glue it down Will this ruin my underlay? And would i be better off with the normal hessian backed...
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    Installation of lo carbon fan- electrician or builder?

    hi there I need to install two lo carbon ventilators One is for the kitchen - it will be fitted into a ceiling and vented out via a tile in a pitched roof oitside the kitchen One is for a bathroom and will go on a wall to the outside Do i need an electrician or a builder or both to do this...
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    Replacing air bricks with new plastic ones

    Good Afternoon Due to a recent leak in my kitchen ; someone has mentioned replacing the traditional air bricks to the plastic type to give more air flow under the sub floor Are these new ones really much better? Thanks
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    BReathable floor covering for concrete porch

    Good Afternoon All I have an enclosed front porch with a concrete floor (it used to be open fronted years ago A decorator painted my concrete porch floor about 3 years ago with red paint. It started bubbling so i had some lino fitted. It has now started to ‘sweat’ underneath , and a damp...