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    Kitchen island fitting - Glue?

    Hi there, So I am hoping to get a kitchen fitter to secure my kitchen island (no appliances, just cabinets and counter top) to the floor and wall (it's against the wall, so technically not an "island"). I've been calling around for quotes and the first guy I spoke to said that he will glue my...
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    Cables to prepare for new TV and mounting

    Hi there, So I have just bought a new TV which arrived today and I have an appointment booked in with a mounting company to mount and chase my cables through the wall next Friday. So I am wanting to prepare all cables that I will need to chase through the wall, to save me the hassle of trying...
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    New build - draughty doors/windows?

    HI there, So I have just moved into a new-build apartment and I have recently discovered that on windy days, I can feel a strong draught coming through the gaps of the window/door (mainly on the hinge side). On non-windy days, it seems to be fine (ish, still a bit cold around that area) and on...