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    Height of Gas/Electric Meter Box from ground

    Could someone please tell me what the minimum height from the ground level to the bottom of both the gas and electric meter boxes should be. Both boxes a the flush type. I have read on a few pages they should be 450mm for electric and 500mm for gas however I have seen properties in my area...
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    Flush Gas Meter Box Fitted to Single Brick Wall

    Just wanted to know if this can be done. I need to move my gas meter as I'm doing a garage conversion. I was going to stick a semi-concealed box on the front of the house but having looked at one I don't like it. So the option is to stick a flush gas meter box on the side of the garage but this...
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    Need thinner insulation boards, but can it be done.

    Currently doing a garage conversion on a house that I recently bought. Using Celotex with a thickness of 75mm for the floor and walls won't be a problem. However have had the building regs round today and they are stating that for the roof we need to have a 50mm ventilation gap and then 125mm...