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    Review stain blocker

    Zinsser Perma White (Produced in 1L, 2.5L & 5L) - Dulux Mouldshield (Only produced in 5L) -
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    Best oil based gloss setup?

    Sikkens is an ICI product, but is still relatively unknown amongst retailers and even the the trade to some extent. Its a fantastic product that has never let me down. Also take alook at the new BEDEC AQUA range, its water based, however some of the feedback I have been receiving is very...
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    Best oil based gloss setup?

    Take a look at the Sikkens Gloss range. Sikkens AZ Gloss & Sikkens XD Gloss The XD gives the most impressive finish I have ever seen from a gloss. You can use the Sikkens Rubbol primer underneath.