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    Prefab garage + new flat roof = mould

    Concrete prefab garage has had a new flat roof, replacing corrugated cement board. That used to suffer badly from internal condensation in winter and I'd hoped the recent replacement ply decking+EPDM would fix it. In the recent few months it has started to get black mould and feels damp to...
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    Identifying kitchen cupboard door/panel

    Trying all ways to find a matching replacement kitchen cupboard door/panel. At least 15 years old, no labels etc. Colour match, sheen and grain are more important that exact style (piece is needed as a filler). Door: Side panel: Thanks!
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    Tidying up garage floor on the cheap

    Hi, Our garage floor is concrete, presumably set in separate pieces as has always been split into three bits that have moved apart over time. ~10mm gap between the pieces and one is ~10mm higher than the others. Seems stable though - been like this for > 10 years. I'd like to remedy slow...
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    Sagged gate on metal posts

    Hi, Our front gate has sagged such that it no longer closes - top is ~20mm closer than bottom, and spirit level suggests the movement is on the hinged post (not surprising due to the weight of the gate, though the latch post is bang up against a drystone wall). I think I'm gonna have to dig it...
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    Worcester 350 CH burner cuts out after 5 to 65 seconds (usually).

    CH comes on as expected if there is demand. Burners light no problem. But then it will cut off between 5s -> 65s. Most of the time this is just after the gas pressure is increased after 60 seconds. The boiler then anti-cycles for 2mins before redoing the above. So you get 60 seconds on low...
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    Worcester 350 Combi Intermittent Shutdown and Restart

    Hi, Our Worcester 350 boiler has been shutting down fully over the last few days and then restarting itself.... - All panel lights go out, including the controller display. - I've not needed to press the overheat reset button on the top. - Pressure is 1 bar - not changed, no low...
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    Leaking garden room from horizontal uPVC cladding

    Hi, Our back room is leaking again from the horizontal cladding between lower rectangular glazing and upper glazing at the gable end. Externally it appears built using all uPVC with a tiled roof. Docs suggest a steel frame was used (there is one glazed end, one part glazed and one solid...