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    Paint keeps peeling off!

    Is this bare plaster ? if so you will need a mist coat first which is a suitable emulsion watered down by up to 50% . Get as much dust off as you can, hoover it with a brush attachment if you can.
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    Painting a bathroom ceiling

    Had a similar situation and I used an Alkali primer and then emulsioned over the top (adised by Crown techy) had no probs. If in doubt go on the Crown website and ring the tech support.
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    paint addatives

    Don't know if you are working inside or out but if you have the facility have two pots on the go and keep one in the warm and swap on a regular basis, You can thin the paint as suggested as well. Keep your supply tin warm as well. (if poss)
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    marking ladders

    Buy a cheapo engraver and put your postcode and initials on the metal ones.
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    BP and the oil leak.

    The Yanks don't like to admit that anything they have ever done is wrong. They won't let little things like facts stand in the way of pointing the finger of blame ar another country. Remember the movie "Enigma" about the decoding machine invented by the Brits during WW2. They claimed they...
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    BP and the oil leak.

    You missed out the last two words "as well"
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    BP and the oil leak.

    Not only is BP not British as such but the rig was being leased out to Transocean, an American company, who where operating it. Another US company was responsible for the deep sea stuff that involves coupling the well. They must have some sort of responsibility also.
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    Mother of twins mauled by fox is threatened

    It is possible that the events were almost as described by the family, personally I think that there are some elements of truth that are not being shared. Urban foxes are very bold, I have seen them enter communal stairwells in search of food but under normal circumstances they will avoid a...
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    What make/type wood screw is everyone using

    Toolstation only keep the R2 Cutters by Reisser, you can get standard Reissers at Howdens.
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    makita tools

    Makita, De Walt, Bosch blue, Metabo all on a par really. People tend to stick to a brand and I have stuck in the main to makita and been very pleased with all their stuff.
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    Good deal on levels

    Forge steel stuff is pretty crappy but if you are only using it once in a while better than nowt.
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    Cage them or..?????

    3.5 years = out in 18 months No justice. Shoot him in the head and put him out in a black sack with the rest of the rubbish. Justice
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    technical theft?

    Technically as you already know they are not yours and they haven't been paid for you are already commiting an offence. It would be a difficult case to prove though as you just picked up what they gave you. Use them on another job. If they do come back to you/your parents just plead...
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    Baroness Scotland.

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out love..... :lol:
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    Caster Semenya -- gender

    It's a right kick in the nuts for her though. :(
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    Sale of Goods and PC World

    PC World and Curry's (same firm) operate this 28 day cop out scheme and it is amazing how many people just go along with it. B&Q try and do the same on some products. The retailer has the right to examine the defective goods and repair or replace at their discretion, this may involve sending...
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    can you varnish wall paint ok?

    Dulux offer a diamond matt which is really tough, sadly it is also tough on your wallet :lol: about £50 per 5 lt from memory. Covers well though and my customers were happy with it.
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    Painting kitchen walls - chipped paint and some marks

    Where the blue-tac was clean the wall with Meths as blue-tac can leave a residue on the wall which can shine through paint finishes.
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    Lethal injection, if you find a vein that is!

    Why do they keep prisoners in death row for so many years (About 20 or more in this case) and then decide to kill them :? If that was in the UK he would have been out years ago :roll:
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    flight abuse

    Load of nonsense, why waste a courts time with this ?