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    Rads with underfloor heating on same boiler/system?

    Didnt know you could do that Kev? Doesnt underfloor need to run at a far lower temperature period. Even with a blending valve boiler will still get too hot for underfloor unless the boiler stat is turned down lower then the rads will be poor? Regards Stan
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    Rads with underfloor heating on same boiler/system?

    As far as I am aware you need a boiler capable of running the 2 systems at different temperatures. I have seen them on several occasions but have never worked on one. Cant remember the name but perhaps someone else can enlighten you. Regards Stan
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    BAXI Duo-Tec combi boiler - E119 Error code

    I agree and its a shame that Installer who base an opinion on previous boilers produced by a manufacturer seem to think they can broad brush the whole name. FACT Worcester who seem to be followed by installers like a pack of sheep are riding a wave.....If its not poorly manufacturered...
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    knocking in hot water pipe

    Probably loose pipes under the floor or excessive incoming mains pressure. Regards Stan
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    Digistat for Worcester 28 CDi

    You can buy a wireless Digi stat for it and its still available. Module plugs into front of boiler. Job done. Probably cheaper than employing a sparky to run wires and buy a standard room stat? I think, but the memories a bit misty Regards Stan
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    Ferroli Falcon Hot Water Problem

    It might be possible that the Air pressure switch is dropping out although I am unfamiliar with the control panel I am not sure if this would flag a fault? If the domestic hot water light is still on then of course that means the boiler is still thinking its doing hot water. As far as I was...
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    Best treatment for internal solid oak doors

    I for one am very glad someone replyed to an old post because I have 8 internal doors to treat and had no idea what to do but as mentioned I don't want to change the colour or appearance. Will have to do something or 2 small boys will probably leave quiet a lot of grubby marks! :D Regards Stan
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    I had one go a few months back on an Ecotec. Stuffed the electrics in the boiler to such a point that the simple option bearing in mind it was a rented property was to replace it like for like. :shock: Anyway boiler was 2 months out of warrenty and when questioned they sent me a replacement...
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    Worcester Bosch overheat problem

    Its a Combi old boy! I dont think he needs to check that :) Stan
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    Worcester Bosch overheat problem

    Another classic on these is the pump over run stat if this model has one I cannot remember. If its shot the residual heat in the boiler causes it to trip after the tap is turned off especially after a long run like a bath or shower. Stan
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    boilermate 2

    I would suggest replacing both the PCBs on the boilermate as unless you can catch it doing it they are very hard to identify the culprit. Both are as problematic and are about £50 each new I think Stan
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    I would suggest you get a RGI and ask him to check the pump overrun stat aswell. Very often over looked. calorifier problems can be checked by taking temperature of hot water at tap as opposed to return temperature within boiler. These old boys are fairly resistent to scale and sludge. If you...
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    That would be very unlikely in the system boilers being discussed here :) Stan
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    Help! with my celsia 24 CDi boiler

    They have an integral filling loop and you need a white plastic key to fill it up located underneath the boiler. Stan
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    worcester 28i junior

    Both a bit less likely Or you could try recharging it with some air :!: Stan
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    Plumbers overspecifying boilers

    120000 is only 35Kw and for a 2 bathroom house you would STILL be lucky to run more than one tap! Why do you presume that these people are feeding you a load of rubbish!! Whoever suggested a 35 kw combi is probably right on the mark if you have at least 20 litres/min from your cold main A...
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    Myson Midas boiler

    Well you need a new DHW flow switch by the sounds Stan
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    Myson Midas boiler

    Well I think you are talking about the DHW flow switch and yes disconnecting that would prove that it is indeed stuck. Will the heating work if this switch is disconnected. Stan